Monday, September 8, 2008

I Love My New Toy

50mm Macro Lens

I love my new toy and you too...hence the song!

I think I am going to like it.
It takes pretty good pictures
The colors are sharp.
No editing on these, just raw pictures.
Oh I think I am going to like my new toy.
I do want just one more (?), and I will get it
sooner or later.
I want the 300mm...
that is yet to come.
When I sell a few more pints of blood
or something!
Anyone want to rent a handy dandy carpenter?


Amy said...

Congrats on your new piece of glass! I think you will really love it. Play around with the aperture. Open it wide - I think you will like the result.

Nice pictures - they are great!

Amy said...

That third flower picture is really cool - what a pretty flower and the image is very clear.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots. They are so crisp. Your dog is a cutie!

Sage said...

Okay, now I am jealous! I'm happy for you, but yes, I'm jealous! My "wish list" includes a new camera, a kayak, a bike, and a long arm quilting machine. Weird, uh?

Seriously, the pictures are very nice and clear. Good for you! Enjoy !

AirmanMom said...

Super shots!
And may I add...your playlist is a fun listen while reading your blog!
Nicely done!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Just Joni said...

wow...these are great! What kind of camera are you using? Christmas is coming up, you'd better start dropping hints now!


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Those pictures are amazing!!