Friday, September 19, 2008


Hear Ye, Ole Hear Ye!!!
I am sometimes just a wealth of information:
Usually not, but hey....
I really want to encourage all my friends to be sure and check out Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates for she has some neat things going on.
There will be pumpkin facts, yummy recipes, opportunities to link up,
and giveaways too. Be sure to stop by!
This is going to start Monday it looks like so it should be a great week to look forward to. And honestly, she is always great to stop by and visit even with out pumpkins.
Then every Friday she does a chocolate recipe. I don't always link up for it, but I ALWAYS go and check her out. Fridays are good for more than just the weekend.
So please stop by and check out her Chocolates and Pumpkins.
Then I want to send you over to another friend that has a special event taking place.
If you don't know Just Joni at Morning Coffee, you HAVE GOT to say hello to her as well. These little coffee berries come from Dean's Beans and are a blend harvested from Sumatra and Nicaragua. Hurry for her drawing is going to be Monday the 22nd of September. You have got to read her blog posted on Thursday to find out all the details, but I am telling you that you will need to read what she does with her Fridays.
This lady feeds the homeless in her town every Friday, usually by herself and then has shared her experience with us on Saturday. (No pressure here Joni!) Please take time to check in on her, you will NOT be disappointed.
OK, is there anyone else having a special, or giveaway? Please feel free to leave a comment for me....I will try to get the information out there for the masses.
I have had a rough week, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, it is nothing major, just a little more stress than I need or am used to. And more this weekend with two photo shoots of family. I want them to be PERFECT, so be thinking of me will ya?


We are THAT Family said...

These things look fun. Thanks for sharing them!

Got back home last night!

Tonjia said...

oh every time I read Lisas blog I get hungry!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Thank you SO much for posting these. I appreciate it!! And now you are already entered in a giveaway - you're ahead of the game. :)

And will be keeping you in prayer.

Amy Kelly Photography said...

I will check them out!

Debbie said...

All this cooking stuff and I don't cook. LOL

You do an outstanding job pointing us to great blogs and I'll try to visit some! I'm here and I'll see ya later :)

Just Joni said...

thanks for sharing the love...I've been on the go and haven't had time to post about friday but things should slow down here soon...stay tuned.

hugs ~