Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Odd Ball

Yes, I am Different!!!

I don't deny it, I am different from every one else.

I always have been, and always will be.

As a little girl I never wanted to play with dolls,

I wanted to be outdoors, playing with my

brother or riding horses.

When I would pretend, I was Bob

and my brother was Bill.

We were in the Calvary!

Or we were sailing a ship.

I would take my shirt off in the summer time

till my momma caught me and told me NO!!

I was not very old thank you very much

and I certainly didn't have anything to show.

I just wanted to be like my brother and be able

to run around with my shirt off.

Life was so unfair.

I started my period in 3rd grade!

I hated being a girl.

I didn't understand it,

I hurt, it smelled bad, and I hated it.

Life was so unfair.

Then I grew quickly for my age in school.

I was the only girl in 1st grade that got to play

basketball with the team.

So did Gary Joe Lester. He was my bud.

He was left handed.

I always sat by him

He and I were friends.

I grew tall very fast.

Then I stopped

and never grew UP any more.

When growing has to take place

and up is not happening

I guess you know where it is going to go...


I started menopause early in life too.

This sucks.

I hate it.

But I don't have monthly issues to deal with!!!

I have never been heavy till this time in my life.

I hate it!

Growing up I always hung out with the guys.

I was never boy crazy, they were just my friends.

I worked in a man's world.

Nearly 22 years worked with men.

Men are a lot easier to work with ...

how would I know, I have never worked with a bunch of women.

Men just don't seem to have the drama,

they don't care,

And I have just always been more comfortable around men.

So I am an ODD BALL.

Oh well

I don't care.

Different is good.

That is what Arby's slogan was for years.

And I like Arby's.

All of this to simply tell you.

I use an Olympus camera!

Everyone else uses Nikon, or Cannon.

Yes they are good cameras.

So why did I get an Olympus?

Because that is what Megan talked me into buying

at my little camera shop in Enid.

She knows her stuff.

I really like her.

I trust her.

And besides...

I like being the odd ball.

check it out!

I have the E-volt 500.

Of course it is not made any more!

I told you, I am the odd ball.
Well....there you have it.
My post for the day,
More than you needed to know.
And you now know I like Arby's
and I use an Olympus Camera.
Gee, you mean I could have done all of this
in just two sentences?
Good grief.
Odd Ball!


Sage said...

And we like you just the way you are! You wouldn't be you if you were the same as everybody else.

But your period in third grade? Oh, I do feel bad for you......that must have sucked. Menopause? I was thrust into it by surgery at age 30! That was no fun either, but lovin' it now!

Just Joni said...

you're funny...I don't think anything you said is that "odd"...I think everyone falls into this catagory...there is no such thing as "normal"...I'm excited for you that you purchased a new camera...there's no stopping you now! Have fun with it!

Michelle said...

Ok, I was just wondering what kind of camera you use. I don't think you are different. You are just you and tha tis just fie with us.

Shay has the Cannon Rebel and I bought her a zoom lense. Mainly because I wanted to be able to take good pictures of her BMT Grad and then didn't get to find her until the parade was over.

Ok, I have another question. Do you take your class through the college or a local camera place?

Mental P Mama said...

Odd balls are the best! Now I want to go to Arby's.

Homesteader in Training said...

OH Girl it would take numerous posts to tell you how odd I am my friend. I agree with you on the guy thing. They were much easier to "play" with then the girls plus I had older brothers too and really didn't have a choice. You either buffed up and played or sat out and watched. Well I was never good at sitting out so I played with the big boys. But in the end I was 6 foot tall and my brother about 5'6" lol. I guess I got him in the end. Okay this was a long response. I'll go now!

AirmanMom said...

Bravo! Outstanding post!
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for being you!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Different is good!

Different is the new "chic" or at least that is what I tell myself! :-D

Memaw's memories said...

You may be an odd ball, but I think you are A-OK. I only had a brother to play with, and he hated for me to follow him around. He learned I could climb up, but not down, so I would follow him up on top of the outbuildings on the farm. He would get down and go do his own thing, while I sat waiting for Mother to help me down. I got in trouble for that a lot.

I think you are doing really well with your camera too. My daughter#2 is good with hers, but needs some training, but hasn't been able to find any classes to take.

Employee No. 3699 said...

You are not odd, you are unique!

I agree with you about working with men. I've worked with both and would much rather be the only woman working with a bunch of men. Women can be vicious.

Tonjia said...

Now I know I didnt miss reading all of these posts while I was out of town... did I??

You, my friend, are not an odd ball at all. You are unique. You dont follow the leader, you became the leader. You are not boring, you are exciting!

And if we had gone to school together, we would have been good friends. We like the same things.

I have to add that I work better with men too. :-)

OMG I LOVE your camera. I have a Canon Powershot and I like it because it is user friendly, and it isnt the size of a credit card.

Amy said...

I still like you though! Just kidding... of course I like you, but I don't think you're odd!

Btw, my sister has the same camera, and she bought it for the same reasons.

Have a great weekend, my friend!