Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Pictures

Class Project
I was at the Keystone Dam at about 8:00 one night
taking pictures for a class assignment. I thought
at first they weren't any good, but the more I look
at them I like them. It was a very still night as you can tell
by looking where the water and the dam meets. There is
such a nice reflection. Scott is always so willing to be my victim!
Poor guy....
If you can click on this picture and enlarge it,
I think it makes a very nice picture.

And this is my new camera and lens where I just ran
outside to take Rudy's picture. Just to see how the camera
worked. I had a hard time just finding the on/off button
Ha ha ha...but I found it, took his picture and this
is what I got. No adjustments, no nothin'.....
I think I am going to like this camera, just wait and see .


Mental P Mama said...

I love these!

Marge said...

I like the one of Scott! I captured that quiet, pensive, thoughtful look that I saw in him when we met. I have been such a bad friend since we left your place! I feel I haven't properly thanked you........and I realized I forgot to give you the seashells I collected for you! I have them and will try to figure out a way to send them so they won't break!

Love you!

Marge said...

Supposed to be "It captured" not "I captured".........must be my new glasses!

Memaw's memories said...

The one of Scott is great, and the one in the middle looks like a post card. They are all great. And who wouldn't love pictures of that sweet dog.