Saturday, March 28, 2009

And then today we got this!!!!

Oh how I LOVE it!!!

We have not had snow all winter.
Except maybe a little storm while we were in Florida
But I didn't get to be a part of it.

They had been telling us all week it was coming.
And I TOLD HIM to feed the birds yesterday.
We needed to get everything ready for the storm.

It is awesome. It has just been pouring snow.
We get the thunder with it too.
We have a lot of snow.
It has been snowing since about 9:00 or so
and it is still snowing here at 3:15.
It is the GOOD snow. It is wet, it is heavy
it will make great snowballs and snowmen.
Where are the grand kids when I NEED them?
And tomorrow??? It will probably be all gone!
But at least I got one good snow storm to play in!
I posted a few other pictures today from spring break.


claudia said...

We have 60 degrees here right now, I look at the pictures of your yard, and I am shivering. The power of a picture.
It sure is pretty, but I will say that I am glad I am here with my sunshine!

Reddirt Woman said...

We had very little snow, but we have the cold and wet. We sure needed the moisture and the birds are enjoying all their birdseed, sunflower seeds and suet. I've gotten photos of some downy woodpeckers today that I've been trying to catch. They weren't very good of the male, but I got some pretty good pics of the female and of the flicker(s) that I put on my blog before. I would have liked to had your snow here. I like one good snow a year, but maybe next winter...

Oh, yes, and thanks for putting the word out about your 'other' blog. I didn't even know, but I'm going to let others know about it for sure.

Stay safe and go play in the snow. I would if I had it here!!

Marge said...

Check my blog! I went for a walk, and found NO SNOW! Glad it's down by you. However, they say we may get some on Tuesday. It is pretty, though. I got your voice mail late last night. So sorry to have missed your call! I'm busy the next two days, but them maybe I can get back to you for a nice chat.

AirmanMom said...

Beautiful photos!

Debbie said...

65 here and it finally stopped raining. We had as much rain almost as you did snow. Well not 10 inches. Snow is MUCH prettier and I'm glad you got to play!!

Tonjia said...

Ok no fair! you are posting while I am at work! LOLOL

The snow is beautiful, it snowed all day off and on here, the ground was so warm it was steaming.. very weird. And in between snowstorms? the sun was shining.

Michelle said...

Nice pictures. My cousin in law sent me one on Sunday from her friends yard. Is it gone now?

claudia said...

I completely get and appreciate the thoughts from you to send your husband to the rescue if he was closer!
Occasionally, I wish there was a man around here. I get so dang tired of taking care of all of it on my own, but this is my lot in life and I shall stick with it.
The toilet's working, washing machine is still leaking all over. I just need a little money for that, it'll wait a while!
Thanks for your thought, I do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...



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