Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Xavier and Zachery

And the story begins,
Long long ago, in a far away land
Two little boys, born hand in hand.
Zachery weighed in at six point three
Quite the guy, he soon would be.
Xavier is smaller by quite a bit
Four thirteen is how the scales he tipped.

This little guy happy was he
peace out dudes, now let me be.

A standard football to measure his size
This little fellow is quite the prize.

Zachary shows his parents rings
This kid is all fashion, look at the bling.

Pure as the driven new white snow
Zachary sleeps while his tushie shows.

Brothers at birth and brothers they be
Mom and dad love them, it's easy to see.

Look at the grin, so peaceful he seems.
Oh wait is it gas, or is it a dream?

In the nursery where the toys are kept
There is a boy on the shelf, all snug I bet.

Here is another one, without his clothes.
This big boy, doesn't want ribbons or bows.

Xavier likes to suck his thumb
and rub it and rub it all over his gums.

Zachery lays in his Nana's arms
Safe and secure from any harm.

While on the sofa, the boys have a talk.
Trying to decide, who will be the first to walk.
But sleeping they do, every chance they may get.
So should the parents, every little bit.

And look at these two boys.
Can you tell them apart?
They aren't twins but could be.
Here is Kirby and Scooter!


Just Joni said...

Beautiful pictures! What a blessing...and the little rhyme scheme is cute to are just a very talented lady!


Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful, beautiful shots. Ahhhh. The memories.

Marge said...

And we have another prize winning photo shoot from the very talented Lisa Jobes! Girl, those are awesome pics! I'll bet the parents are thrilled beyond anything they could have imagined. Now, go forth and take more photos. They are beautiful!

Hugs to you.

Memaw's memories said...

Wonderful subjects. Lovely pictures.

Love all the commentary too.

AirmanMom said...


Debbie said...

Lisa, you just never stop amazing me. These are friggin outstanding!

The rhymes? Wow. Priceless...

I posted your link on FB. I'm blown away by these darlings and you work.

Tonjia said...

awesome pics Lisa!! these little guys are just adorable.

Anonymous said...


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