Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Justin's Sr. Pics

Justin's Sr. Pics

I met Justin and his family last Dec when I did their

family Christmas cards.

They liked them enough to come back for Sr. Pics.

Justin is crazy about his truck, so yes, it is included in his pics!

Pretty Water Lake is about 2 mile from my house as the road drives.
Probably about 1/2 mile as the crow flies. It is a cool spot.

Downtown Sapulpa in the alley.

His favorite picture was an accident.
He was calling his mom to let her know where we were!

He tells me his signature look is always with his sunglasses.

And his guitar is his best friend.

Justin was willing to do just about anything we asked.

He even tried out the railroad tracks for me.

Life's journey.

More of those sunglasses.

In a culvert that I just found while driving around.

And it is all Christian things....no cuss words at all.

I was so surprised someone has not "vandalized" the graffiti.

These pictures are unedited...I have had a heck of a time
trying to get pictures on the blog. So it will have to do.

Congratulations to Justin and his graduation.


AirmanMom said...


The Real Me! said...

GREat pictures my friend. I loved the railroad pictures. Those were my favorites.
Big hugs to you my friend.

Marge said...

Justin must be very happy with the senior pictures. They are very good, as usual. My granddaughter, Katie, had her senior photos taken on the railroad tracks.....they were very nice, too.

I've been missing you. Hope all is okay with you.

Mental P Mama said...

Fantastic! Love the railroad shots!

claudia said...

Great pictures, what a handsome young man! I'd want pictures of my truck too...if I had a nice one like that!
Justin seems like a character.
Congratulations to him on his graduation too!

Kristen B said...

Very nice job on these, Lisa! I can't imagine he's anything but pleased with them. Tough decision to pick just one, though.

Debbie said...

Railroad shots are my favorites! Great job, hon and I know he's happy about these :)

(Blogger is being a pain with photos lately)

Memaw's memories said...

Super pics. I think I like the grafitti ones. And like you, surprised to find clean grafitti.