Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tyler's Pics

This is Tyler, he reminds me a lot of my own son.
Quiet, laid back, kind...and height deprived.

But a very kind spirit.
He is graduating in two weeks at the age of 17.
He is ready to go out and meet the world.

This old car was a burned out shell that his dad gave $500 for. His dad and grandfather has restored this car and it is beautiful. Tyler and his dad both have a strong love for cars. But grandpa has since had a stroke and lost his health. I think it makes the car all the more special.

A boy with his hat and sunglasses is a happy boy!

Just game to do anything that I asked.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Tyler.
Sr. '09


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I have been so behind on reading blogs and haven't been by in a while! So many sweet pics here!! Tyler's pics are great and I really like the one with the car - how special.

Hope all is going well with you! I know you are keeping busy! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Mental P Mama said...

Awww. I love these--especially the ones on the tracks.

Debbie said...

He does not look old enough to be graduating! David graduated at 17 too. Wonderful photos, Lisa!

AirmanMom said...

May God Bless Tyler, as he opens a new chapter of his life!

Caution Flag said...

Your photography is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO
good!! Love that one on the tracks.

Kristen B said...

These pics are great! I came looking for your Friday funnies, but just realized that you have a special visitor!! Hope it's all going well.

In the meantime, Jeremy sent this to me. Don't know if you've heard it yet, but it gave me a laugh.

Here goes:

Never Choke in a Restaurant in the South!

Two hillbillies walk into a restaurant. While having a bite to eat, they talk about their moonshine operation.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress. One of the hillbillies looks at her and says,

'Kin ya swallar?'

The woman shakes her head no..

Then he asks, 'Kin ya breathe?'

The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue.

The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth.
As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks slowly back to his table.

His partner says, 'Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver' but I ain't niver seed nobody do it!'

Have a good weekend!!