Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meet the Myers Family

What a day.

This family is new to me.

They are friends of little remember her right?

Well after they saw Shae's pictures they wanted some.

And boy did we get some.

Everyone played along with me but Josie.
This is an adorable AND smart little 20 month old.
Can you spell "Miss Independent".

Who doesn't love their daddy?

She didn't mind showing it.

And how cute is this???

But you just wait, the next few pics

are my absolute favorite.

You will see why!

Ok wait for it....

It's coming I PROMISE!!

YES, this is it.....I LOVE this picture!!

Aren't those some of the prettiest eyes you have ever seen?

This Easter basket it really heavy, can you tell?

And then THIS showed up.

Oh aren't they just so cute??

Well the verdict is still out on that one.


But going outside made the tear all go away.
And the smiles came right back out.
Oh WHAT a day...
Gina, thank you ever so much for letting me be a part of
your family for just a day! I had a blast!


The Real Me! said...

Too cute. I'm ready to send you a ticket to Florida my friend! LOL.
Great job!

Marge said...

So little miss Shea is advertising for you! Good deal. This little gal is just about as cute as they come! Another good job!

If I don't talk to you again before then, have a blessed Easter.

Tonjia said...

OMG look at those eyes!! she is certainly a cutie. These are great Easter pics Lisa..

claudia said...

You are doing some fantastic pictures!
That little one is so adorable. Those eyes, my goodness gracious!
My daughter wants to send you an email or a comment on your blog. She is afraid that you won't know who she is. I'll have her send it along. I'll just tell her to say, it's OD, Claudia's kid! she wants to tell you her photo touch up "secrets".