Monday, April 27, 2009

Substitute Grandkids

Weekend Guest

I had the privilege of keeping these three kids over the weekend. Their parents went out of town (actually out of state) and with having no family close to them....I got to play grandma.

These kids are some of the sweetest children you could ever want to be around. Their parents have raised them very well, very respectful, very loving, and very thankful. I can't tell you how many times they told us thank you for keeping them this weekend. That is heart touching.

Jayden is four years old and his little prayers would bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your heart. Isabella is a little momma to her baby brothers. She is very doting and very loving.

And Marco, well he is a 23 lbs. six or seven month old baby boy. Long as he was was good. But when he was not happy, that boy has an ear piercing cry like none other. But his little laugh and little smile is so sweet. He was a wonderful baby to put down at night or nap especially since he did not know us.

We were trying to get some good pictures for momma and daddy but it was not easy. The wind was blowing about 100 mph and on top of that it is really hard to wrangle three kids, bathrooms, strollers, camera bag, diaper bag, and having other people around to watch out for. I think I might be a little rusty on that task. And I just can not carry Marco, his momma is a skinny minny, but she has muscles like you wouldn't believe. I DON"T.

Cara, this little guy reminds me of Kimmie. Sweet and round...just more to love on huh?

oops, I have stuff growing out the top of his head!!! It is actually called Lambs Ear. But should not be on top of his head like that .... ha ha ha. Shame on me....need to pay more attention.
This little guy became a big distraction. A rabbit running lose on the grounds means something to be chased and caught if possible. Oh my goodness.

Isabella is so sweet, she is such a princess. It was funny to watch her dress herself each day and how her hair had to be. At the gardens she fell thanks to some stupid mud on the sidewalk from them watering the grounds. Well after was all over. She had gotten mud on her shoes and some on her skirt and leg. You really could not see it on her, but it was on her shoes. She cried and I felt so bad for her, she was embarrassed and that was it, she was through and we had to go home to get clean shoes before we could go to the park to play or eat lunch. WE DID!

And this little guy stole my heart. He convinced me that his momma does his hair like a Mohawk. I didn't remember it being like that on Friday when he showed up.....but I was very busy getting ready to run do a photo shoot, take care of three kids, pack a picnic dinner, toys to entertain them and get the baby a nap before leaving. So I fixed his hair in a Mohawk the best I could. Know why it doesn't look right???? Because that is NOT how he wears his hair. But he did THAT day!!!!

Come on, look at those eyes, that sweet sweet smile and tell me how you could argue with anything he says. That boy is full of hugs, lovin', and a great imagination.

Jayden is four years old and I am telling you he already has a heart as big as Texas, and such a tender spirit. I love seeing children raised to have empathy and kindness towards others. And these kids have it.

Oh he is just too darn cute.
All of this makes me miss my grand kids all the more.
But not to fail, I will be getting Caleb this weekend so
we can go see The Lion King play in OKC. I can't wait!!!
On another side note....I told the children's mother
to ask the kids what they would be comfortable
calling us. And they decided I am grandma Lisa
and Scott....well he was Uncle Scott. I bet
people wondered what in the world we were
when we were out with the kids in public!!!
Doesn't that make you smile?


Mental P Mama said...

They are adorable;)

Marge said...

Beautiful children, Lisa. And so kind of you to keep them! That little guy makes you want to hug and snuggle and kiss all over his chubby cheeks!

I have news. I'll email you today.

Debbie said...

Out of all these photos, my favorite is the one ABOVE little Marco with growth out of his head! They are all great girl, and I'm glad you were having so much fun amid the chaos!!


claudia said...

It is really a task to take care of someone's children when you aren't all used to each other. It looks as though you made the best of it and those children are all the better because of it. I know their parents really appreciate leaving their babies in such loving care!
Thay are just such adorable kids, and it sounds like their momma and daddy have done well in raising them.
Beautiful pictures too, I know the parents will appreciate those as well.

bernthis said...

they are truly adorable. great photos by the way

Memaw's memories said...

Such beautiful children. And your pictures are wonderful as usual. I know their parents will appreciate them.