Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Muskogee, OK

Honor Heights Park
Muskogee, OK
I have not been to Muskogee in years. No big surprise since I have not lived in the Tulsa area for over 30 years. But when dad asked if I would like to go see the Azaleas I said yes. I have heard how beautiful and spectacular it is, they even have a big parade etc in honor of the Azalea festival. The festival was last Saturday and it was a total downpour. Two inches of rain in a very short period of time. Plus two years ago the park lost over 200 trees to the big ice storm I blogged about (if you remember!). Many of the huge Azaleas were also destroyed and much of the park displayed young and tender plants. Mom and dad were very disappointed, I was not. Just getting out and driving an hour away to spend time with my parents, to see some beautiful flowers, to eat out and just have some time together was wonderful. We saw a horse drawn carriage and decided that was the way to see the park. So we followed the horses to their home and paid our five dollars each and went on a 15 minute or so ride around the park. The weather was just perfect. A very slight breeze, sun was out and shinning, temps were about 70's...oh it was such a nice day.

This water fall goes all through out the park was starts very high on the hill.
I thought it was kind of cool, just not real colorful.

The horse drawn carriage that caught my eye!

But these are the boys that showed us the town!
Bob and Duke with driver "Bob" at the reins.

Never have seen orange colored Azaleas.

Then after taking pictures we decided to go eat.
We were greeted at the door by Rodeo Cowboy.
I think he was missing his bull....maybe that is what we ate for lunch.

These two characters kept a close eye on us. He had my back.

And with these two on the loose good thing someone was watching

my back. You never can tell who you can trust!

The food was not all that good. Dad and Scott had Chicken Fried Steak and it was pretty good.

Mom and I had soup, she Mexican Taco soup and me, potato soup. I could not eat either soup. They were too spicy and I don't even like black pepper. Mom could not eat the Taco soup, I could not eat the potato soup so we traded. Oh gosh, her Taco soup was even worse. So I told them I could not eat it. Well leave it to Scott to eat it. But he could not eat the potato soup. Forget it, we just left (after paying of course!)and stopped at the Amish cafe down the road and bought $20.00 worth of homemade fudge....all kinds of fudge, lots and lots of wonderful, melt in your mouth, richer than rich, delicious fudge. Then we had to stop and McDonalds to get a diet coke...go figure. We had a really good day.

My parents are in their mid-70's so I find it very important to spend time with them when I can. I will treasure today. Sometimes my days can be difficult, sometimes mom and I are like water and oil. But today .....WONDERFUL.


Marge said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your mom today. Cherish those moments as they will become your memories. Lovely pictures! Love to take pictures of flowers.....we're going to the botanical gardens tomorrow so I'll get me some flower pictures too!

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful shots. Cannot wait for our azaleas to pop!

claudia said...

What a beautiful park!
Time with your parents is so precious. I love spending time with my dad and his girlfriend, he is 87 this year! Unfortunately, we all have such busy schedules, including my dad. They are always off to some fun thing or another, and I am so grateful that he is still so active!
Beautiful pictures!

Memaw's memories said...

Spend as much time as possible with your parents. My mom died when I was 19 and my dad has been gone 15 years. I miss them every day. Be sure to make some pictures of them too.

Reddirt Woman said...

Great that you had a wonderful day with your mom and dad. And Diet Coke and fudge makes perfect sense to me... I have Diet Pepsi and vanilla creme cookies for breakfast... a lot!


Caution Flag said...

Glad you had a wonderful day. My mom and I are like that, too, so those good days are keepers. What a glorious park they have there!

Debbie said...

Cherish, cherish, cherish. I'd give anything to run around with my Mom! I should move to OK. I love cowboys.