Monday, April 6, 2009

Other Sunday Pics--My Favs

Grand baby Makers At Their Finest!

I don't know if you all have met Chris and Sarah...
They are my grand babies momma and daddy.

Sarah has been one of my biggest fans of my new photography hobby.

She is supportive, encouraging, prop finder and maker.

It is really nice to have one of these in your corner and she is always

willing to listen to my ideas and then throw out some suggestions of her own.

She bought Allie's dress a while back and

then this past week decided she wanted to do

Easter picture of the family. So she went shopping

and found her dress. I could not believe it...they nearly

matched PERFECTLY. How cute is that?

This next group of pictures was really at the end.
And let me tell you, when they say a kid is done...
trust me....they are DONE.
You can look at Allie and see that she was DONE!

I didn't put the pictures in order so there is more
to show you. But this to me is just so funny.
She pouted and then that was it...
she was DONE.

This is Caleb and his PUPPY Chloe!

Can you believe how big she is getting?

Future Black Mail Pictures!

Just chillin' and give the "cool" look!

But still young enough to want his basket!
This next batch of pictures is about Allie
and HER attitude.
I have told everyone that when she is
say 13, 14, 16, these looks won't be cute.
But for now...oh my gosh
she kept me laughing.
this girl has a lot to say
with just her eyes.

Do you agree?? Does someone have a little

These pictures are momma and her brood.
They are very sweet and endearing pictures.
Sarah has been working on her tan.
In fact, she has just been working on "everything"
And I think she is really lookin' GOOD.

Daddy and Caleb always having fun!
Sarah and Chris have blessed Scott and me
with two wonderful grand kids.
And more than anything they
have blessed us with "family".
We are allowed to have the grand kids
basically whenever we ask.
Now that they are living within an hour
we get to see all of them and be a part
of their lives.
We just hope that continues to be the case.
But with Chris in the military ....
who knows!
It was a wonderful weekend with the "family".


Just Joni said...

Great photos! The dresses almost match perfectly! You always capture some of the cutest expressions...why is it we only appreciate their attitudes when they are so little?

The Real Me! said...

Oh Lisa you are doing so GREAT!! Loved these. I was going to comment on the dresses and how I thought it was so cute that they matched so well. When are you coming back to Florida? LOL.

AirmanMom said...

lisa...these photos are amazing! You are richly blessed!

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful shots! And, yes, future blackmail, indeed;)

Debbie said...

How many times can I say...making any money? Outstanding woman! Oh, that's right, Caleb will owe you when you show his first GF these photos! LOL

I can't believe how fast Chloe has grown!

Marge said...

Okay, I'll agree that you have numbers 16 and 17 of the world's cutest grandbabies. Of course my 15 remain on the top!

These photos are outstanding. If I could ever get all of our kids and grands together without one of them offering to kill one of the others, I would love for you to take our picture! I'm just afraid it isn't going to happen in my lifetime!

Be blessed, dear friend.

claudia said...

Fantastic pictures. Your family is just adorable!
My first thought with the dresses was how cute, they match! Good job Mommy!
I especially liked the pictures of dad and son goofing off.

Tonjia said...

such a beautiful family! and that little Allie is certainly a cutie...

thank you for sharing your loved ones with us Lisa.

Caution Flag said...

Your photography is getting so good. How did she ever find dresses that looked so similar?

Anonymous said...


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