Friday, April 10, 2009

Mia's Girls

These two sweeties are my cousin's grand daughters.
But they call me Aunt Lisa and I love it.
They were so much fun and full of energy.

Ok, since we still had the chicks from the photo shoot I just did,
We decided to not let them go to waste.
"I have a surprise for you girls....close your eyes!
And NO peaking!"

What in the world is it Aunt Lisa?

Ohhhh, it's a little chick!

Oh wait, it might scratch me!!!

It's getting me, get them away from me!!!

Ok, I'll touch it, see?? I can do it and smile...??

Now for being good girls, let Aunt Lisa give you some CANDY!

We love you Aunt Lisa, thank you for the candy!

Hey, did you know I am now three years old?

You want me to lay on my belly AGAIN?

Go pose for me would you?
Strut your stuff girl!

Oh not to be left out, sister can do it to.

Miss Natural here, T-pa and Mia take pictures all the time.
Can you tell?

Well ok you all. If you are tired of seeing the pictures
then I am sorry. But that is what I have been
doing a lot of lately.
In fact, the next set will be more of Allie...
Because I have them.


Reddirt Woman said...

Love those cuties and the way you were able to get them to relax and enjoy playing with Aunt Lisa is quite a gift.

There were a number of reports of the high winds swinging the electric lines so violently that a couple of them would get close enough to arc to the ground and start a fire. This was reportedly how a number of the fires were started.

It was a horrifying day and night.


AirmanMom said...

These girls are absolutely adorable!

claudia said...

More great pictures! What a couple of cuties those girls are. Funny how they reacted with the chicks. You get some fantastic poses, and great smiles with your pictures.
And thanks for sharing them, it is fun to see what you are doing. And YES! More Allie! She is so cute!

Mental P Mama said...

I think I see a new career for you. You really have a way with children.....

Debbie said...

Have to agree with MPM. You do have a wonderful way of getting them ALL to be so photogenic. And the poses you think of? True talent Ms. Lisa.

Just thinking today LOL have you cleaned out your garage yet? Remember? One box at a time.

I assume the answer is "I haven't had time!" hahahahaha love you!

Anonymous said...

Those are some of your best pics yet! But of course Mia loves those lil' sweeties a lot. You are doing a great job Jobes!!
I love you! Jill

Anonymous said...


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Caution Flag said...

You must have a special gift for making your "subjects" relax. Those little darlings seem to be having so much fun at the other end of your camera.

bernthis said...

God love these little ones. They are adorable.

Memaw's memories said...

great subjects, great pictures. I know it's fun playing with them as you take the pics.

Anonymous said...


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