Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Week It Is Calebs Turn!!

The Multi Looks of Mr. Caleb
This is his more serious, sophisticated look!

This is his look of wonderment...
Grandma, what in the world are you doing???

My favorite look
Mr. Happy, my world is right.
(why not, he is at grandma's house!)
Just another angle, of the angelic look.

Look at his strength look,
yes, that is an actual push up.
How many can you do daddy?

And this is his muscles look,
looking for his muscles!!!

They just weren't being found easily,
but grandpa was behind grandma
making fun of her taking pictures.
Sure hard to be serious when that's going on!
This is his Calvin Klein look!

GRANDMA, they can see my underwear!

Yes, but it was green for St. Patrick's Day!
And he is showing off his "chicken wings"
(Shoulder blades!)

Oh this is just too much....

Oh my sweet and innocent look.
But don't be fooled!

A boy and his dog...well Zoe is like his dog!

This is painful, Callie and Caleb just can't get it together!

My what a big mouth you have....

Yes, all the better to kiss you with!!!
Lots and lots of kisses......


Mental P Mama said...

You are so lucky--in just a little while he will stop all his modeling for you. Or maybe not. How adorable is that boy???

Marge said...

What a cutie! Your captions are right on, girl! You have something spelled T A L E N T !!! Love ya!

Marge said...

Of course blogger split the word!!!
That would be........
T A L E N T ! !

Tonjia said...

what a perfect model he is!! and so photogenic, someday you will be taking his wedding pictures!!

Debbie said...

I'm not sure who has grown the most Caleb or Callie! He reminds me of David at that age. Not an ounce of fat LOL. He is adorable and wonderful for posing for you. I love the Calvin Klein!

Reddirt Woman said...

What a handsome young man. I loved that his grandpa was standing getting him to giggle for you while he was trying to be a macho guy showing his muscles. Another creative shoot and what a proud grandmother you must be...

Thanks for sharing.


Memaw's memories said...

What a handsome little guy Mr Caleb is. Good pictures too.