Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Little Miracle(s)

It's Twins!!!
So twice the blessings!
And they will be here in three weeks or less.
For some reason my editing did not show up on all the pictures. I have had lots of trouble today with editing so this does not surprise me. One picture had text on it saying "Waiting on the boys".

This picture said TWINS, Xavier and Zachery.

The babies about two weeks ago were nearly
5 lbs, and the other one a little over 5 lbs.
So that is 10 lbs of babies there!!!

I think she looks GREAT!!!
And here is the happy dad!

He is such a neat guy.
And so much fun to be around.

This is my favorite picture, although
Jack was not too crazy about it.
I think it is just fun!!!
What a sport he was.

Please pray that all goes well
as the boys will be born c-section
when their time comes.
The world awaits them.


claudia said...

Awwww...congrats to the entire family for such a miracle! Oh wait, for two miracles. Mom and Dad are fantastic...they are both glowing!

Thank you for your comment about my work situation. I am kind of taking a backseat approach to this whole thing. By. Not. Saying. A Thing. I am just blatantly treating this customer with as much respect as I do the other customers. In front of the owner. He can go you know where. I am still customer service and that is what I do! He hasn't said anything since. He can wallow in his self highness.

bernthis said...

I loved the photo of dad kissing her belly and laughed out loud when I saw BOTH their bellies

claudia said...

I have something on my blog for you!

Mental P Mama said...

Wow. She looks fantastic! I looked like that at 5 months with my twins. Good luck to them. And, Lisa, your shots are wonderful. I love the nudes and the one with the fabric. Beautiful.

Marge said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! What a good looking couple. I hope you get to take pictures of the babies when they arrive!

But I'm wondering.......did it take you a week to take those pictures? You took a whole week off from blogging and I was worried about you. Glad you resurfaced!

And in answer to your comment on my blog, yes, you can hitch a ride to Alaska! We're leaving in July. I'm excited.....this new RV will be much easier to live in for a couple of months than the teeny tiny trailer that we took to Florida!

Michelle said...

And that is why I want you to come to Destin and photograph the family. You have some wonderful ideas. Although, no neked pics, ok?

Sarah said...

Lisa these are wonderful!!! I love all of them!!! You did an awesome job!!! I wish you were around for Allie's prego pics!!! You are blossoming into a fantastic photographer no matter what you say!! I know I am VERY blessed to know you and have you take my photos!!!

AirmanMom said...

Truly, double blessings!
My prayers are lifted for this new family!

Just Joni said...

These are wonderful! I love the picture with the tummy poking through the frame (toward the end)...twins! Can you imagine? How exciting! Congratulations to the couple ~

Tonjia said...

prayers and congrats to the new family! She is absolutely glowing!

Are those STEELER jerseys??? Do the boys have OSU jerseys?? Lets get them some :-)

Uggg I just realized that Breanna weighed as much as twins! She was 10lbs 2 oz at birth.

Reddirt Woman said...

These are just awesome... The laugh out loud shot was of both their bellies, and the one shot where she is wrapped in the black.... is breathtaking. Great job, Lisa.

You get my "Atta Boy, Girl!!!" on this shoot.


Debbie said...

Wow! These are wonderful. I would give anything to have shots like this to look back on. You did a fantastic job Lisa and the bellies? My favorite. I like the talking with the cans too. I never would have thought of any of this.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

You are quite the professional photographer! Prayers for the momma-to-be.