Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Good Day With Beth (well mostly)

Well there is not much to post about today. Oh I have things I could talk about, but I guess I just don't really want to. Today Beth came home. This is the first time I think she has been home since Christmas. I have been to see her twice but she has not been home. I love it when the kids come home and today was no exception. After having to deal with the new time change ( I do not like the changing back and forth for daylight savings time) I was up and ready to greet the day fairly early. Beth was coming home!!! By the time she got here I asked did she want to go out and eat or me fix something here. She wanted something cooked at home. Great! What do I fix??? We had Salmon patties, green peas, and cream styled corn. It was good. Then she went through the movie library I have to take home with her any DVD's she could get away with. She is trying to save money so she does not have cable. With only a pair of "bunny ears" as she calls them, you don't get a whole lot of selections in programing. She gets aggravated with me when I make her list the movies so I will know which ones she has. I am always accusing her of taking my movies when she will tell me she does not have it, or I gave it to her or whatever. So the joke around here is do I want a blood sample for her to take the movies from here for a while. I love movies, I buy movies when ever I can. I don't always watch them, but we will have them here at the house if we have company and someone would want to watch it. That is my plan. That was the plan when we lived in Enid and did not have much of a selection of what to watch on tv as well. With On-Demand and Cox cable we can get a movie almost anytime now.
After getting her a selection of movies we went shopping. Oh no, I have to get gas first. We run down to Quick-Trip to get gas, I hear it is the best gas, and everyone else is getting gas today. I drive around the pumps about four times like children playing musical chairs before I beat out the little old lady in getting to a pump. The high school punk kid had beat me, the 30's something man and wife had beat me, but by gosh I was going to take out anyone else that got in my way. It was the point of the matter now. People were laughing at me, and I was not going to leave until I had filled my tank! So get out of the way old lady, I'm taking that one. OK, that is not entirely true, I don't think I ran over any old ladies to get my gas, but I did circle the pumps numerous times before finally getting in and I was knocked out of my turn two times!!! Whew, we finally get out of town and go shopping.

There is a new store that has opened and we wanted to go check out the make-up counter. Beth and I both like to wear Day Wear Foundation by Estee Lauder and they have a new product out starting we thought today. We were wrong. Didn't read the fine print dang it. Well we will go check it out again later. We checked out the store, it has just opened this week, maybe three or four days ago. It was pretty nice, never heard of it before, but it seemed nice. It is called Belke. So I will have to go back another time when everyone else is at work and look it over. I can do that now that I am retired!!!! Anyways, we then headed over to Kohl's. I like that store as well. Not for me, but I love to get the grand kids clothing there and Beth did find some things as well. They are items rather not mentioned!!! So kind of unmentionables. ha ha ha, there I go again, I just kill myself.....sometimes I am just so funny (in my own mind of course!)

We got home in time for Beth to watch some scary movie, Scott and I got dinner going, and my parents came over to eat. We fixed sirloin steak, green beans seasoned with bacon, and mashed potatoes. Then some wonderful hot biscuits right out of the oven. It was a good meal, but this time change makes it hard to be hungry at five when your tummy says it is only four. Now here it is 11:00pm. and I want something else, like a glass of milk. Good grief!

Then it came time for Beth to leave. And this is where my good day goes bad. As Beth is leaving she asks about the dog. Snidely. I hate this. I knew this day was going to come. I had to tell her he was gone, he had died. I started crying and so did she. Of course she was angry with me and said when were you planning on telling me, and I said I wasn't. I hate telling my daughter any bad news. I know it is going to upset her. We have had issues with the little dog for the past couple years and she and I did not see eye to eye on things. I knew she would accuse me of all kinds of things and I can't stand that. I love my animals and he was not loved any less. He was not as spoiled as my other dogs I do admit that. But I love all animals. And I cried the day he died and I cried again today. I cried the day Fred the Goldfish died. I put him (Fred) in a body bag (zip lock freezer bag) kept him in the freezer that night till we could have a proper burial for him the next day after school. I just hope someday Beth understands why mommas do what they do. Right or wrong it is still for the love of their children because we never like to see them hurt. So Beth, I just want you to know I LOVE YOU.

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