Saturday, March 1, 2008

Policeman in the Makings

This is the sweetest story I have heard in a long time. Caleb and I were looking at my blog and he saw the badge that I use to tell my police stories. He asked me to print off a picture of the badge for he really wanted it. So I sent an email to his house and I printed one here for him to have now. Then I realized why print one off when I had the original badge in my dresser drawer. Of course we had to go look at it. He was sooooo excited. Well one thing led to another, then I found an old shirt and put the badge on it. We just started adding different things and of course he wanted my handcuffs, (he never did ask about my gun, I was very proud of that!) Once we got this stuff gathered up of course I had to take pictures. This was done at 10:00 o'clock at night mind you. He was ready for bed but we had to do this....NOW. Here is a sample of the shots we got.

Our Little Policeman in the Making

It's in his blood, what can I say.

And of course guess what he wants to be when he grows up???
Don't you just love grand kids!!!????


Daily Muse said...

How precious! You are such a proud Grandma! Your little ones are so very lucky!

Lisa J said...

Learned it all from you!!!