Saturday, March 15, 2008

Allie Pics

Bows, Toes and Bling
Allie's New Things

We went to a craft show today and Grandma hit the jackpot!
See the new bling bling on the wrist?
OK, it looks cute in real life and not as big.
but it really is adorable~

She might not be thrilled, but I love this one too.
And this one has so much color to it.

We did not change outfits for the pictures.

Just the hair bows!!!

I think grandma could go crazy in a bow shop.
She loved the bows and bling.

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Anonymous said...

The bows (and grandbabies!) are just precious! We will have to make a trip to Leah's Bow-Tique in SS next week! :) Jillian