Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dog Gone Good Day!

Dog gone it, today was just beautiful. We hit 80 degrees believe it or not and it was wonderful. Of course it was windy which make for very high fire dangers and yes, we had them, wild fires today. But I do believe winter is pretty much over. However, below you will find the last ski slope open in Oklahoma. You might find that very hard to believe that first we would have ski slopes, and secondly that with 80 degree days it would still be open for use. But this is not your ordinary slope. Here we are very animal friendly. So we made this ski slope for the squirrels. And it works great. One misplaced step by a little furry tale critter and he goes a sliding. I saw it myself firsthand. Just like on "Wide World of Sports". Remember when they would show some of the worst mishaps? I can still see the guy doing the ski jump and wiping out. Well that is what happens to the little guys when they try to step onto my bird feeder. Wooooooshhhhhh and they are going head first down the slippery slope. And so far.....successful!!!!

Moss growing. I love it!
Daffodils growing along the fence row.
This is the real bird feeder, I just thought the back ground was pretty.
Private keep out. Old tires, how back woodsy is that?
Oh wait, that is called recycling!!!
A huge section of daffodils growing out in the woods.
This is my momma girl, love of my life....Zoe
getting a little grey, but kids will do that to you.

Rudy is her son, isn't he soooo handsome???
And to think he nearly died three times.
This is what he grew into.

Callie is his sister and she was the runt.

But she is so dag gum cute.

Gotta love her

I do!

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