Monday, March 3, 2008

Did Someone Say Circus???

Shriner's Circus
Caleb and Tori with
BoBo the Clown
(made that up, don't know his name!)

This was Caleb's first time to go to the circus. We went with my sister-n-law Steph and her daughter Tori. One of the things I decided when we went was to make sure Caleb had a great time and would remember this the rest of his life. We decided to do things we would not normally do. ie spend a lot of money on silly things. So the very first thing we did was let him ride the elephant. I never got a picture of him looking at me while riding the jumbo creature. And please keep in mind I do not have my good camera, just the ole point and shoot. But it did fine for what I was doing. We had to pack 14 bags just to take Caleb, Tori and the baby (Allie). I was not going to pack another bag for the camera and lug it around.

This is Steph and Tori riding the ponies. I got tickled, Tori wanted to ride the pony (pay good money for it) when we have horses in the pasture. Then I was reminded her daddy won't let her ride my horses. (Fear of her getting hurt, not much chance of that happening here!)

Tori got her face painted, it is a butterfly.

Caleb has a puppy dog on his face.

Of course what is a circus without clowns? Aren't these guys cute?
I love the elephants!!!
Can you tell?
More of them...
I have always wanted an elephant.
Then the girls with the hula hoops, hundreds of them.

Camels, horses and ponies doing their tricks.
And tigers too!!!
This is grandpa's shot of Caleb going down the huge slide!!
He is fired from taking pictures.

Here is the circus crew!!!!

Scott, Steph, Allie, Tori, and Caleb

I am behind the camera...

Can you see me?? I am grinning from ear to ear.

I loved going to the circus. Don't remember the last time I went. We had a great time and so did the kids! I am hoping that Caleb and Tori will remember it forever and ever. I know I will...

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