Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Love Blogging

I love to Blog !!

OK, I guess this will sound vain, but I just LOVE going back and reading my blogs. I just love going back and looking at the pictures of my grand kids. It has been such a blessing this weekend to have them. Now I won't tell you it has been perfect, it hasn't. But no doubt it has been just wonderful. The sweet sweet smile of miss Allie would melt any ones heart. She reaches up to touch my face as if to say, "Thank you grandma, I sure do love you". That is what I hear. She is so tender and sweet and loving. She will just cuddle into your shoulder or chest and just lay there looking into your eyes, talking to me or just talking....making sweet noises soft and loving. She hardly ever cries, isn't that so wonderful. But when she does it is so frustrating because I can't figure out why. She makes my day start off so nice. I go in to greet her and she looks up at me and starts smiling. I remember about 26 years ago another sweet baby that used to do that. No matter what, when I walked into that small room on East Cedar, my first born, my baby boy would always greet me with a smile. He was such an easy child. She reminds me of those days. I don't remember much else about them, and there probably is a reason why we don't remember all of it, makes the good so much better.

Caleb is fun. He, being six (and a half and in the first grade!) hits the floor talking and doesn't stop until he is asleep. I don't know if I have ever been around a child that talks as much as he does. But he cracks me up. Grandma do you really have to run to go down the fireman pole (we were watching Firehouse Dog). I don't know if you do or not. Or do you go down it with no hands grandma? Grandma why this or that? Did you know ....?????Grandma. My goodness he wears me out. Sometimes I just have to ask him to stop for just a moment. Then I laugh, I don't know why, but I just start laughing. Him being quiet for a minute is almost to funny. How do cars go faster if Allie and I are asleep? Does it count if only Allie goes to sleep, Grandma do you have an Easter Bunny book? No Caleb do you want one? Yes. OK, we will get one tomorrow. Grandma I didn't get to help grandpa fix the lawn mower, grandma Allie is crying. Grandma that is not how mommy does it. How many bottles did you feed Allie today, was it two? How do you spell one hundred? how do you spell ......????? I don't know Caleb. Why don't you know??? Caleb, I don't know why I don't know. Grandma I want the dogs to wake me up tomorrow, don't you do it, make the dogs do it. OK Caleb. Grandma did you know.... Do you get the picture? I did not know a boy could ask so many questions.

This blogging has been a lot of fun. I wonder though who all out there is reading it. I wonder if I am entertaining anyone, or am I talking to myself. Which is fine for I seem to talk to myself a lot. I either talk to myself or a brick wall if you women catch my drift here!!!!!! (sorry men, it's a girl thing!) OK, I still crack myself up at times. Sometimes I think I am funny, and this is one of those times!!!!

The dogs are sure being good with the kids here. They just are not used to having this much noise and action around the house. But with each day they seem to adjust more and more. Each visit they seem to become more and more adjusted also. I am glad of that. Well I have some pictures to post, I held the baby while grandpa Scott colored Easter Eggs with Caleb. We won't see him on Easter so this will be our Easter Weekend with him. Today it warmed up in the afternoon so the hiding had to begin. I have pictures of the hunt. Hope you enjoy and have a safe and fun week, spring will be here Thursday.

Caleb and his Easter Basket
We got this yesterday at the FOP Craft Show.
This was the "Best Day of His Whole Life"
That's what he said.
Wow that was easy!

Let the Hunt Begin!

Oh Grandpa did a great job of hiding the many eggs.

After Hiding the eggs, Grandpa even helped to find them again.

And Allie loved being outdoors. Rudy took care of her.


Talley Images said...

Im reading, if that makes you feel better.... you can find my real blog under "Addie" on Holly's meme, if you want to see

your grandkids are so cute! remind me of my own kids.... :)

Eckmama said...

I love blogging too! And I love that you blog!

Looks like the egg hunt was awesome. Glad y'all are having so much fun and getting so worn out--that means you're doing it right! ;)
love you!

Anonymous said...


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