Thursday, March 13, 2008


I hate to admit it but I am a little bit of a firebug.
Well maybe a lot of a firebug.
But thank goodness I am, for look at all
the limbs that need to be burned. And
honestly, that is just a small portion of
what needs to be burned.
I have watched "The Pioneer Woman",
And my friend Eckmamma blog some
recipes and take such step by step pics.
So here is my recipe ....
"Firebug Fun"
You first take one huge pile of tree limbs from
the December '07 ice storm.

A lighter, newspaper and starter log will do the trick!

Get some good dead, dried small twigs and put on top

of your paper mixture.

Start the log with your lighter and add a few leaves.

They help to get it going better!

Look at this fire, isn't it beautiful?

Let it burn for about five hours to completely get the

whole pile burned down.

Oops, when you are married to a fireman (retired)

they see fire and have the urge to extinguish it.

Well there is an saying about old firemen and their hoses....
kind of weak and wimpy wouldn't you say?

Hey, wait a minute, I thought he was suppose to put it out?

I guess if you can't beat them join them comes to mind.

He appears to be warming his hands doesn't he?

Well it was about 70+ degrees outside...before the fire!

And there is my fireman, retired or not

he is still my hero!

I build them, he puts them out.

We make a great team!

By the way, someone told me there was a

red flag alert. Oops, I guess I should watch

the news!

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Jill S. said...

Since I often write about firefighters, I loved the pics, lol!