Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Year Of Soccer

The New Soccer Season

This young man on the right with the long blue pants is my nephew.
He is a pretty good little player, but why not???
His dad played for years and is really good.

Expecting a ball to come his way, playing man to man defense.

I just like this shot. The intense looks on their faces.

These boys are 9 and 10 far as I know.

Another action shot that I just like.

Trent fighting for the ball against the best team in the league.

They lost by one point. Not bad since the green team usually beats

everyone by a slaughter. Last year they each had a win against one another.

So maybe the next time they meet, Trent's team will win! And I will be there

to take the pictures to prove it can and did happen.

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