Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some of My Favorites

Some Shots On Route 66

Just wanted to encourage anyone that is wanting a fun trip to "Get your kicks on Route 66!"
One day I want to drive all the way on this beautiful attraction.

A mural along the way.

Another stop to take shots of antiques.
Glad I didn't have to farm using this!

And this was a two hole outhouse.
A real his/her bathroom!

What's left of an old historic site. I will have to tell you story about this house later.

More old houses.

An old Oil storage unit. I haven't seen one like this before. And it is HUGE. Those are full grown, large cedar trees at the base.

One of the many braces holding this big boy in place.

I can not believe this old hand water pump was still on the property. A tree is growing beside it and will soon cause problems I am sure. But old near an old cellar (storm or storage, I am not sure) this pump is with in feet. We figure there was an old house here at one time but could not find the footing or any other signs. Getting to this pump and the oil tank took climbing over gates, fences, and tall wet grass. It was cold damp and dreary this morning, but not a bad day for taking pictures.

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