Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Newest Little Soccer Player

Our New Little Soccer Player
This is Not Her Sport!

Hi Aunt Lisa. Yes, I am playing soccer, thanks for coming.
Yes I know it is early and cold out here, but soccer is so much fun.

This is my sweet niece Miss Tori, sporting her yellow soccer vest. That is the way they play when you are only five.

Um, I have something wrong with my nail, or maybe there is a string on my shirt, or ....oh, hey other team mate you go ahead and kick the ball I will be right here. I have your back buddy! Oh look, there is some green grass growing!

What? We are suppose to chase the ball? OK, I will do it because I want to. Hey, move over if you want me to chase the ball will you? No no, no pushing, that is not nice.

Oh shucks, I guess I can kick the ball, but why, what did it ever do to me? Why should I kick it, and where should I kick it to? Oh hi girls, I like your blue vests, do you want the ball? Man you are a lot bigger than me, you can have the ball if you want it.

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