Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today I am sitting here thinking, why didn't I blog yesterday? It isn't because I don't have time, I AM RETIRED you know. But it seems that with having been retired I still do not have enough time. WHY WHY WHY I ask? I do not have to get up at any certain time. I do not have to be any where at any certain time. I can take a nap (yeah right), I can put off doing laundry, dishes, or anything else I want to put off. So why is it that I feel like there is not enough time to get everything done that I need to? This weekend was so busy. I went on my field trip Saturday and was gone all day. Came home and worked on editing the photos and then went to Wal-mart with my cousin to print out our different photos. I will not be doing that again until they change their equipment!!! Then we had the time change that night. That's it, I lost an hour on Saturday. That explains it, that is the answer to all of this, why I don't have enough time to do everything......I lost an hour and now I can't get everything done in time.

No, that probably is not it. Sunday I spent the day with Beth and we did shopping, eating, visiting with each other and family, then the day was gone. Yesterday I got up and of course spent time at the computer reading several of my favorite blogs. Then I did four loads of laundry, cleaned the utility room, fixed lunch, went outside and cleaned up the back yard, moved tree branches to a pile. Where did my day go? I just don't get it. I didn't even have any favorite TV shows that I had to watch. I just don't get it.

Can one hour really cause so much havoc? Do I really waste my time? I don't know. My mom wants me to come out and go through things to put in a garage sale...Saturday! I want to take more trips and more pictures, I want to go to my family soccer games. I want to start taking walks with the dogs. I want to plant flowers and start a garden at our new house here. I want to feel rested and ready to go. Does one hour really cause that much havoc? No, it is a matter of time management, and appreciating the time you have. Plus not overbooking the time that we do have. One hour? Yeah, I missed it. But what did I do with the other 23?

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