Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dang It,Hate It When That Happens!

Blond Moment for a Brunette (rate E for Everyone)

It is suppose to snow tonight or so they say. Yeah right, I have heard that before many times. But I remember one day when it did snow, and wouldn't you know it, I did one of my "other" stupid blunders. Most of my postings start out with "one night while on patrol" but not this one. No, this one occurred in the middle of the day. Well, rather about 11:30, lunch time for the high school kids. It was snowing, snowing really pretty good. I love a good snow. It was cold out, the white stuff coming down and whirling around in the good ole Oklahoma wind. And I was on patrol. Sad to say I don't remember why I stopped this car, but I did. I can't remember if they were from out of state or what the situation was, but I do remember we were kind of on a side street, away from all the main traffic. For what ever reason I turned on my overhead lights and stopped this car. I jumped out of my patrol car and went up to them and told them what ever was necessary, had a short conversation with them and sent them on their way. Going back to my patrol unit (in the snow) I went to open the door only to find it was LOCKED. Car running, lights on, cold outside, snowing, me with no jacket, LOCKED. How in the world did this happen. All I can figure is when I jumped out of the car I must have hit the locked button. Now as luck would have it, no, I did not have an extra key, but rather all the kids were getting out of school for lunch. And I was right on the street most of them took to leave for lunch. Yes there I was in all my glory, standing there in the cold, pouring down snow, cold, wet, winter day with police lights on and me just standing there next to my car. No other car around me, no accident, NO COAT on, just standing there like I don't have a care in the world. And now the worst part..I have to get back in this car some how. When an officer locks themselves out of the car and the other officers find out they are unmerciful. Oh how cruel others can be. You think Rudolph had it bad with his nose, that's nothing compared to how police officers will torment, torture another officer for doing something stupid. The only thing I could do was call for assistance on the walkie. I know, I will call Susan, she has done stupid stuff, she won't make fun of me. She will help me. 599 to 620....Go ahead 599. Hey 620 where are you? At blah blah blah. 10-4, could you come to my location and assist me for a moment? 10-4, be there in just a minute. I did not call for help very often, so it was a curious thing that others wanted to check and make sure I was alright. Great, just what I needed was "others" to come help. And come help they did. All I wanted was for Susan to go to the station and get the extra set of keys for my patrol car. Quietly and quickly. I was freezing. But before Susan could get there to "help" me, I think every unit on duty came by to see what I needed and there I stood in all my glory locked out of my car, in the pouring down snow, with no coat, no hat, no gloves, police lights going and I didn't even get to write a ticket!!! Dang it, I hate it when that happens!!

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