Friday, March 7, 2008

I've Been Duped

I've Been Duped
(Rated E-Everyone)
As I sit here thinking about this story I fear that you will all think that cops are stupid, or that I am anyways. But I have always had the ability to laugh at myself for some of the dumb things I do or have done. I figure if you can't laugh at yourself, miss out on a good laugh! I know I do some pretty dumb things, and some things are just funny, not necessarily dumb. So I have another short but funny story. And please understand that I realize that these stories are a lot more funny to me than to you, but that's OK too.
One day I was on patrol (that is because I was a "patrolman" hence I should be on patrol!!) Anyways, one day while on patrol and DOING MY JOB, I received a call to such and such address to assist the party there unlocking their car. The car was in the driveway but they needed my assistance. This is back in the day when we still unlocked cars, don't do that any more. So I went to the address, pulled in front of the house and went to the front door. As I knocked on the front door I could hear someone inside tell me "just a minute". I replied "OK". I stood on the front porch waiting, figuring they needed to put the dog up, or put the baby down, or hang the phone up or any one of a multitude of reasons to have me wait for just a moment. No big deal. It was a nice day and I waited patiently as any good officer should. But after a few minutes I was afraid something was wrong so I knocked again. But again I was told "Just a minute", and again I replied "OK"! Now I was a very good officer if I do say so myself and so patient I was. However after several more minutes and no one coming to the door I knocked again a little more loudly. This time I heard the voice inside inform me to wait once again, "Just a minute". Don't get me wrong, the day was gorgeous, and I didn't mind waiting outside, but I was really beginning to become concerned as to why I was being given the run around plus bored and honestly, ready to get back in my car. I decided to go to the neighbors house and see if they knew the person needing my help. As I was trying to find someone to talk to two young men (late teens/early 20's) came walking/jogging my way. They hollered at me and said thanks for coming to help, blah blah blah, we got the car unlocked and I was getting ready to leave. But I asked the young man who owned the car who was in the house that answered me when I knocked. He said, no one was home and no one should have been in the house answering me. I informed him that each time I knocked on the door I was in fact answered. He had a very concerned look on his face, when he then looked at me and asked what I was told when I knocked. I told him I was met with the same reply after knocking and that was "Just a minute". At which time he started laughing. In fact he was about to bust a gut. I failed to see what was so funny. He invited me into his house and right inside in the living room was a big cage and a beautiful parrot. I had stood outside for several minutes enjoying a wonderful day being a very obedient officer after being told to wait just a minute by a bird, and I even had answered him in return, I've been duped.


Tara said...

Duped, yes....but it IS funny, right?....

I'm a little afraid of birds...Eek!

By the way, Memaw Bakes is my Mom.


Shirley said...

Sounds like something they would do as a gag on Candid Camera or something.

At least you had a good laugh.

I enjoy your blog. I have a good friend who lives part time in Tulsa. In fact she is my BFF CP that I write about occasionally. Her husband has a window factory there, and he does commercials in the Tulsa area.

Eckmama said...

After the second "Just a minute" I started to suspect something like that! HOW FUNNY!!!