Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One of My Finest Moments!

This is a Great Moment!!!
(rated F for FUNNY!)
You know, there are just some things that you do better than others. I am not a good speller, sorry, but I spell how I hear it and that has been proven to be terrible for the English Language. Thank goodness for spell check. But I do other things well, I have a great heart for children, I am very good at my job (well when I had a job, before retirement!) I am a very good teacher, a really good friend, a pretty good listener, and a great advise giver. Not so good at telling people NO when I don't want to do something, (middle child syndrome!) and I try to please everyone. That can't be done, big failure at that one!!!! But sometimes I have these moments that I am really proud of. Here is one that to this day I am still very proud of.
One night while on patrol I get a call to a hotel where the manager advises they believe kids are there partying, you know, drinking underage. It is not very often we could catch the kids in the act of drinking at the hotels, it is rather hard. And I didn't figure this night would be much different. But just in case...... I did park my car where it was not seen from the hotel window. The room happened to be on the second floor and all doors are on the outside, this was not a very big hotel. So I park my car, get out and head up to the room number given. Now I need to move fairly quickly so not to be spotted by anyone looking out, or anyone coming and going. I luck out and make it up the stairs without being discovered. I peak in the window still not discovered by the kids inside and I can see they are having quite the little party. A pretty good size party at that. It is loud, they are busy, and I am feeling lucky tonight. I get to the door and knock on it when I hear someone say "Who is it?", "it's me, Lisa, hurry up and let me in". "OK", the door opens and to their wonder stands a police officer blocking the door in all her glory. I am grinning. It worked, they really just opened the door and let me in. Oh my gosh. That was too stinkin' easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I just can not believe this. They can't go anywhere for we are on the second story and there are no outside windows that they can get out of. There is alcohol everywhere and they are BUSTED!!! A lot of the kids know me for I patrol the main drag known as Van Buren. But I am just so tickled that I actually caught them. I tell them to just have a seat on the bed, or floor and we would get this all straightened out. Two guys were from Texas, they had come to visit "grandma" and were staying in a room a couple doors down. They were just invited to come party by someone while walking up the stairs together. They said sure and now I have to arrest them for they don't live in town or the state for that matter. Oh momma is not going to be to happy about this visit I bet. Another couple had just walked in and had not even started drinking. Everyone said Officer Jobes, they had not had anything to drink, they didn't even know we were drinking they just came by because we called and told them to. Yeah, right! But when I had about 25 kids, I was OK with letting those two go. But in the middle of my "investigation" the phone rings. Of course I had to answer it. "Hello." "Hello, who is this?" "This is Lisa why?" "Hey man, you have to get out of there quick, tell everyone to leave NOW, the cops are on their way there so run." "Really?" "Yes, Hurry" "Hey, guess what?" "What?" "I AM THE COPS".....silence on the phone..... "Really?" "yes." "OK." I tell the person on the other end of the phone they need to come to the hotel room. They tell me OK, they say it is their room and they will be right there. I thought Yeah, right. They showed up! I could not believe it. They not only showed up but they told me it was their alcohol too. There was a keg in the bathtub, and liquor all over the place. So by the time I tagged all my evidence, got help in transporting the arrested suspects, wrote tickets to the others time had passed. I got my stuff in the car, and a couple "arrestees" and we went to the station. Some other officers came in and asked who got the keg? I was beaming and said...ME. Man they say, that is a keg of Little Kings. Yeah, so? You see I am a non drinker. Don't you know what that is? Nope. Well come to find out it is our six point beer which is a big no no here in Oklahoma. Not the little stuff like 3.2 beer that you can buy in the grocery store. So not only did I get a good bust, but I got the good stuff at that. It was a really good night for me. One of my most proudest moments. Yeah, I fooled a room full of drinking teenagers, hey, I'll take them any way I can. Pretty proud of myself still to this day!


Shirley said...

You are just too cool. I bet those kids will never forget you. And no telling how much that beer cost those kids. I don't know anything about beer either, but it sounded like it was more expensive.

Debbie in NC said...

As a parent, ducking head in shame, of a son who has managed to get FOUR, yes FOUR underage drinking tickets, over the age of 18, this had me in stitches. He has a perfect driving record of 5 years, is in Public Safety at our HUGE hospital and is wonderful.

But, the first time he got caught, he was at a field party. ATF, Sheriff, Cops, everyone piled in. Son was not driving his car. He was in passenger seat, had had 2 beers, the driver hadn't been drinking at all. Two guys in back seat LIED and said they hadn't been drinking. My son who had been told to NEVER lie to police, admitted he had 2 beers. Got a ticket.

I was even upset about it. He was over 18, did what he was supposed to do and still got in trouble. Well, from then on he ran, tried to lie out of it. You get the picture.

I loved this story and glad you were able to get them!

We are THAT family said...

That is awesome. I would be proud too. It's so neat reading this from your perspective.