Friday, March 14, 2008

Grand Kid Alert

Oh My Goodness
I now know why God intends for us to have our babies while we are young!!!! Or rich later on in life so we can afford to buy us some help. Another words, I have the grand kids this weekend!!! I am always so glad to get the kids. This starts their spring break so they are going to stay a little longer. We got the kids this late afternoon, ran by my aunt and uncles house who just got back two weeks ago from their Florida trip. They had never seen Allie and had not seen Caleb in a very long time. So we had a very nice but short visit. Allie was more fussy this trip. We had to stop twice on side of the road to tend to her. Never had to do that before. She sucked down a bottle and I am sure there was no burp, so that was probably part of one problem. Then when we finally got home she went through another fussy phase. Her momma said she needed to give us a little present, thank goodness grandpa was holding her when the present arrived!!!! It went through the diaper and up her back. Needless to say a bath occurred right away. Not to mention the diaper went straight to the outdoors garbage can. Whew weeeee, it really stunkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Baddddddddd. that is what Caleb just said. So after her bath grandpa got to rock a sweet smelling little girl and she has gone to bed hopefully for the night. But don't bet the rent on it.
We have a lot planned with the kids while they are here. It is always nice to be able to go and do different things with them. Caleb enjoys going and doing, of course Allie doesn't care one way or the other. But we are doing the soccer games tomorrow, egg coloring tomorrow evening, then an egg hunt on Sunday, Monday we are going to this thing called Bounce U, and then go see my brother at the fire department, haven't been there before. Then on Tuesday we are going to see "Horten Hears A Who". That will be a blast. The thing I love most about being a grandma is I can go to see the best movies, and go to the best playgrounds, and do all the best "fun" things under the pretense of using the grand kids. There is nothing wrong with that is there??? I don't think so.
I just wanted to let you know I may not be posting as much as usual because I might be a little busy/TIRED while having my company. Pray for me to have patience, love, and good sleep. I will need all three of those things!!! See you soon hopefully with lots of pictures. We are expecting some bad weather so we hope it will not stop us from our outings.

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Shirley said...

Patience, you will need lots of patience.

Have fun with the kids. We'll miss your posts.