Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day of Green and Fun!

St. Patrick's Day

Our Fun Day

Well yesterday was a FUN day. It was St. Patrick's Day and I think we should celebrate all the holidays, especially if the grand kids are here! Otherwise it is just another day. So we got up and put green on everyone (but grandma who did not have a green shirt she could fit in to!) and then we watched movies. We watched The Bee Movie, it was cute! Then we got ready to go play at a place I have never heard of. It is a bouncing place called Bounce U. It was not exactly all that I thought it would be but it was fun and Caleb had a blast. And it was not that expensive. You get to play for an hour and fifteen minutes. One room has about four different types of games to bounce on. One is a giant slide, another is a boxing ring with HUGE boxing gloves that most kids can not even hold up. Third was a obstacle type thing where they could slide, jump, climb etc. and the last one was a place where they could play dodge ball while bouncing and slam dunk balls or just jump. I was surprised at how many mommas and little kids were in there. They limit the number of kids per session so it is not over crowded. I like that. Then after about half way through your time, you go to the next room, that is sooo smart. In the next room they have more things to bounce and climb all over. So while we are in the next room they are bringing in more kids for the first room. Not too bad at $7.50 a kid. But they do get to run and expend all that energy and I am all for that. Caleb left there absolutely worn out! He said he was so tired he wanted to go home to get some rest. He said he didn't even want to eat. But he ate a hot dog and drank a good ole root beer anyways.

Somebody else got worn out at

Bounce U.

Even in all the noise she slept!
We came home and started to unwind a little. In the evening we watched Evan Almighty. I thought it was a really cute movie. I get so tickled at Caleb for he thinks everything he sees is real. You can not convince him it is only a movie so therefore it is all real. ESPECIALLY Transformers. You see, his daddy's ship was the one that dumped the bad guys into the ocean at the very end. Do you remember that part? Well that was his daddy's ship and so therefore the Transformers are REAL. Now you try to convince him they aren't. So now in Evan Almighty you have all the animals helping to build the ark, never mind, watch the movie and enjoy it!

Then Caleb went to bed and slept in until 11:00 this morning. (got a little quiet time in for myself) ---no momma I did not give him any sleeping medicine, just old fashion wore him out!Allie did great. She ate and then cried at 3:30 like she was having a bad dream, so grandma loved on her, and put her back down and she went right back to sleep. I love babies. She is so cute, I think she looks like a Gerber baby, with her little round face and cute little cheeks! And big blue eyes.

Today was are going to see "Horton Hears A Who" if we can get a ticket and get in. We are going to be there 45 minutes early to make sure we get a good seat. Popcorn here we come, make it an extra large please! I am adding a few pictures of Bounce U. They are not very good, I am still having trouble with this camera. It is just too smart for me. I am about ready to go back to my faithful point and shoot Kodak camera. And while talking about being frustrated, the squirrel has figure out how to get into the feeder. Even after we made the Oklahoma ski slope out of his feeder. I have a couple short video clips I might add later. But for now, I will post a few pics and then get ready to go to the movies!

Caleb at Bounce U


Wearing his green shirt.

Made him easy to spot!

Every picture of him coming down the slide, his mouth was WIDE open!!

Can you make him out in the climbing thing?

He really liked this thing.

Aren't I cute in my little green outfit?

Grandma thinks so.

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Shirley said...

What a beautiful baby. I know you are enjoying both grandchildren. You'll be the one who is 'wore completely out' by the time they have to go home.