Friday, March 28, 2008

I Love TV

Good morning all, my Internet was down for a while yesterday, don't know why, haven't read the paper yet this morning. It doesn't really matter why, it just means I didn't get to spend my evening on the computer. But as I was sitting here reading my morning blogs which I must do first thing every morning, I have my TV on. I got to thinking that I watch way too much TV. But I love it. And what is even more silly/sad, is that I love to watch the commercials.

If you know anything about me at all you know I am a retired police officer of almost 22 years of service. I spent many years in the classroom teaching the DARE program an anti drug program that teaches not only how to stay away from drugs, but what a kid can do instead and many life skills. I love this program, and of course it depends on the teacher both classroom and DARE officer, on how effective it is. But one of the lessons we teach is about the media. I truly believe the media has a great influence on us. Especially as young people. Not only does it influence how they talk, dress and act, it also affects their value system, their belief system. Are you old enough to remember as a child the commercials about Parkay Butter? Or Aunt Jemima Syrup? I will never forget believing with all my heart that the syrup bottle could really talk to me in the morning if I just tried hard enough. Was it Parkay butter that you would get the crown on your head when you ate it? I remember the Parkay butter dish also used to talk to you. No, the crown was Imperial Butter, that's right, Imperial. Oh and what a crown you would have on your head. But my mother refused to buy it and I was soooo disappointed in my young life to not be able to wear the royal crown. I was scarred for life. Kids don't think they are influenced by the media. I just laugh. Look at what they wear, and how they talk. The media's main job is to influence and persuade. That is what it is suppose to do. It is all about the money, the almighty dollar. Remember when Bevis and Butthead come out on TV? That stupid laugh that they would do??? Oh how the kids loved to imitate that laugh and oh how irritating it was!!! Especially since I was teaching 30 classes a week and each class had to do that laugh. Why? Because soon as you mention it all the boys would start doing the laugh.

Now even though I was the DARE officer, I have to tell you I love the beer commercials. Even though I don't drink and never have had a beer to the day in my life (can't get past the awful smell of it, and there are other reasons I can blog about at a later date). Plus I am proud that I can say I have never had a beer, not even in college or high school. but then I love being different! All of this to say, I just love watching commercials and the beer ones are among my favorites. Remember the frog saga for Budweiser? Then add the ferret and lizard and the story went on for years. I used to laugh so hard at them. And of course I had, HAD to watch the Super Bowl just to watch the new episode of the Budweiser Frog Story. And how can you not just love the Budweiser Clydesdale's or the Dalmatian or the Donkey that wanted to be just like the horses? Oh and how about the horses out playing football, the two men leaning against the fence watching when one horse kicks a conversion and then one guy says, "do they always do that?" meaning play football, but the other guy says, no, they usually go for two. Meaning they usually run the ball in after a score not a kick. I love that one. And have you seen the one where the zebra is the ref, and he goes to the playback booth to watch a replay? OK, I watch tooo much TV. But now I have to tell you, my favorite commercial is Happy Cheese Comes From Happy Cows and Happy Cows Come From California. I LOVE these commercials. There are about fifteen of them and I could sit here and name each and everyone of them. I love the one of them playing "Marco"-"Polo" in the fog, or the earthquake and they call it a foot massage. Oh my gosh and the one about hitting the snooze alarm means kicking the rooster out of the barn!!!! They are some of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. Sad, I live a very sad life where commercials bring me joy and happiness. I stop what ever I am doing to watch those stupid commercials and I don't even eat cheese!!!!
Happy TV watching and have a great weekend. I hope to post pictures of the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial next week if I get to travel there this weekend. I will share the pictures and the story if you don't know it.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thank you fro recognizing how CUTE my wieners are!! I LOVE saying that!!


People must think I'm nuts! :)

We are THAT family said...

I LOVE the cops music on your site. It's so appropriate and it's what I hum when I come over and visit anyway!

Shirley said...

I love commercials too. I don't always know what they are advertising, but I love the humor. The ones with the vikings doing different jobs, and a few years back there was one about a new car that a bird was trying to poop on. The car managed to get into the garage and the bird rammed it's beak into the garage. You heard the bird say 'Medic'. I thought it was a hoot.

I'm not a beer drinker either. Can't stand the smell or the taste.

Debbie in NC said...

Clydesdales are my favorite and yes the Budweiser ones are my favs!

I don't know if you get the GEICO commercial.."Life Comes At You Fast", but it is hillarious!

I watch way to much TV too. Either puter screen or tv screen. No wonder my eyes stay blurry! :)

Just finished mowing..I think I'm obsessed.

Oh yes, thank God for D.A.R.E. and law enforcement!

Anonymous said...

Who are these people that are commenting you? We can talk tomorrow on our ROAD TRIP!!

Eckmama said...

As much as I LOVE your stories, it's time for more pictures. Hurry up. Oh wait! You're gone today! *sighhh* Dang it.

Daily Muse said...

Can't wait to see your Route 66 Road Trip pictures!!!

Eckmama said...

A commercial that makes Jarred laugh every time is the Sync commercial ? that the guy says "Treadmill ON" and jumps on the treadmill to start running and busts hard, and the lady says "Door OPEN" and keeps walking and walks into the closed doors and juice goes flying everywhere. It's an ad for those voice-activated things in your car, phone and radio and whatever. Anyway. He gets a kick out of it.

Lisa J said...

Isn't funny the things we notice on the tv when we really start thinking about it. And I too think that commercial is so funny. There are so many that are very creative.