Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Day the Ground Moved

In the past few days, probably at least three, I have noticed something that I find just so fascinating. That would be an influx of robins. I look outside and see literally dozens of these beautiful birds. I have a bird feeder, but they are not eating at the feeder. They are in fact on the ground. The birds as you probably know have a brown back and they tend to blend into the ground. That is how I first noticed them. I looked out the back door window and literally thought .....the ground is moving!! Am I seeing things? What in the world is it. As I continued to look and to look more closely I saw them. Robins. Robins EVERYWHERE. I am not kidding. And as they hopped around from spot to spot it looked just like the ground was moving. Today for the first time we have a sunrise. I have been up for a while with the grand baby and have watched the sun come up, then I heard the birds singing. I love this time of day. I put her back into bed for she fell asleep on my shoulder at the computer, and again, I saw the ground moving. I grabbed my camera and went outside. By the time I went through the side garage door, someone told them I was coming. They were gone. All of them gone. Then I saw him. He must have been the guard. He was sitting on a branch on the north side of the yard and he was watching me. I heard noises, he must have been telling them something. I stood out there in my robe and fuzzy house shoes (oh, not a pretty site) and as I stood there for several minutes with camera in hand I watched them come back. I stood there and watched them come out of the woods flying in by the half dozen at a time. Three, four over here, five or six over there. I saw the woods come alive. I stood there in awe as I watched the birds fly back into the area of my yard. I have woods that surround my property even though we only own three acres. I never tire of watching the robins. In Enid, I can remember when they would cover the front yard. We did not have hardly any trees, but these birds would come in again by the dozens and just eat, eat, eat out of our front yard. I don't remember how long this would last, it doesn't seem that long, a couple days or maybe three or four. I never tire of it. I think of it as the day the ground moved. Have you seen the robins in your yard yet?


Eckmama said...

We don't have any robins. I guess the last time I saw one was before we left Enid, because I don't remember seeing them in Lubbock either. I kinda miss them.

Shirley said...

I have a few robins, and like you, I enjoy watching them. I also have a cardinal. I don't know if they migrate or not, but he's been coming around for quite a while.

When I looked out this morning, there were blackbirds eating the grass seed that the water had pushed into lines around the water flooding my yard.

I have a row of pine trees on the south side of my property. I have mourning doves that sit in them and mourn.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by and wishing John a happy bday. Not sure I'll get to 100 comments but I've got my finges crossed - I want to give something away!

Love your blog - I'll be back!