Friday, February 29, 2008

Caleb's Posting

Caleb is Posting Today
(with help from grandma)
(Isn't He Handsome?)

Hi, I'm Caleb, the grandson and I so enjoy being around grandma and papa again. I have lived so far away since I was born and now we are at least in the same state. Two hours away and that's not too bad. So any chance grandma has to have me or my sister for the weekend grandma says it is really nice.
Here I am climbing the wall and going nose to nose with a buffalo. That is pretty brave don't you think?
Going down one of the many slides in the park. I love this little park. It was really crowded tonight for this is the first day of many that we have had warm temperatures and no wind. Perfect day for being at the park.
Oops! Didn't mean for that to happen, and of course grandma had to get a shot of it!!! Good Grief.
This is my less than thrilled look. I give it to grandma just because I can. Then I give other silly looks for no matter what I do she always has that camera in my face. Come to think of it she has done that since the day I was born. You would think she would tire but she never does. Oh well, what ever to keep grandma happy, for I think she is taking me to the circus!!Hip Hip Hooray.

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Anonymous said...

100% boy!! What a handsome little guy!! Love, Jill