Sunday, February 24, 2008

Look At What I Shot Today

Today was BEAUTIFUL!!!
We finally had sunshine so after church Scott and I went hunting!
My new class assignment was to shoot animal shots.
Look through here and see what we came up with.
I am so stinking proud of myself.

(voting picture)

Several of you will truly understand and appreciate these pictures.
As you can tell these are very large horses. Can you really get a feel for how big they are?
Scott is not a small man, he is 5'11" tall, so these guys are pretty good size.

I Love the Hoof to Foot shot!!!

Oh MY GOSH! These are some huge feet!, I mean hooves....

Two other horses in the same pasture. The one on the right doesn't look that big, but it is!

A beautiful paint horse.
Regular and Draft horses. Pretty huh?
This is the same horse shot earlier on the hill with the other black horse. Love this shot.
The Old Grey Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be. Ain't What she Used to Be. Ain't what she used to be. The old grey mare she ain't what she used to be, long long time ago.
This is a calf and a 10 month old Great Dane named Splash!!

What do you suppose Splash is telling Junior there??
(voting picture)

Man that is one good looking Hamburger!!!
Howdy folks, glad to meet you here at the farm!
The Three Stooges??
Larry, Moe and Curly?
He is so dag gum cute!!!!

I smell BACON. (inside joke!!!)
Oh I kill myself....those of you that know me will get this!!!!

Hamalot!!!! I love it!!!!

Scott, Splash and Little Spot? Too cute!

Man this has been a really good day. We went to church, ate lunch with my folks and then enjoyed the day out taking pictures. I even have pictures of my dogs, I need to post them too!
I think I will !!!


Shirley said...

I love your pics. Horses are always great subjects. The pigs are cute too.

Are you taking a photography class? If so, I think you are doing great.

Are the draft horses realted to Clydesdales?

Lisa J said...

Hey thanks for your comment. How did you find my blog??? I am really curious about that. Yes I am taking a class but feel like I am not learning anything, so I have to get out there and just take lots of pictures. The horses are in fact Clydesdales and aren't they awesome??? they are HUGE! I have been around horses all my life, but these suckers are ginormus!!! thanks for reading and please come back and read some more.

Tish said...

Awesome pics

Latisha said...

Interesting to know.