Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meghan's Wedding

Lucky 7 Wedding of
Meghan and Chad
These are just some shots at Meghan and Chad's wedding. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. The shots are mostly funny pictures, I will post other serious shots another time.
Look at the ring bearer's smile...isn't it soo cute?
This next picture is Meghan with her Matron of Honor, Aunt Cheryl
Dad, fix your tie, mom you're going crazy, just smile everybody!
Meghan and the flower girl Tori
Oh we finally found a sucker to take her....I love you!!
The beautiful bride Meghan
"I'm not listening to you....."
No Chad, you can not leave!! Wow boy, easy!
Isn't he cute???
Oh MY!!
We had fun at the wedding and I thought these were some fun shots.


Meghan Smith said...

yes I love the pics too! I am glad you are doing a blog, now I can know whats going on back in oklahoma! Love ya!

Jamie said...

Those are some really good pictures. Can hardly wait to see the "serious" ones. I stumbled upon your blog via "chickens in the road".