Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vote For Allie's Dress

Pretty in Purple

Next week Allie is being dedicated at church. So Grandma decided she needed a new dress. She found three dresses and could not decide between them. One dress was only $12.00 so we got it for sure. It is not pictured, it is a size 9 mo and is a really cute one, so done deal! The other two dresses are the ones pictured in this post. If you would like to vote then please feel free to do so. Tell me which one you like the best and we will see which one she wears to church for that special occasion.

The little purple and white dress has a removeable sweater. Would it be cute with black or white shoes?? As you can tell I am not the fashion police....I am retired anyway!
Green Dress !!!!!! (pastel green)
Well, what do you think about this one? I like it too. It is a little fuller and a very pretty color. I love having a little girl in the house again.


Eckmama said...

Purple and white, definitely. She looks beautiful in those colors. White shoes would be prettier but black patent will work if that's all you can find (sometimes baby girl shoes are hard to come across). And get SHOES, NOT SANDALS! Don't you dare put her in sandals with socks or tights (ever, but especially with that dress). The green dress is very pretty but the color isn't as flattering on her as the other.

That's my vote!

Tish said...

I would definently say the purple dress wins (w/out the sweater), if you have to have the sweater I'd say the green one wins. Those dresses are adorable. I also think white dress shoes would be cute. They have these velcro bows you can put in a babies hair, I don't know if she already has some or not but that would also be cute. Anyways thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am definately not what some would consider an eye for fashion!! However I personally like the purple one to!! I think you should pair it with white shoes. I think black is just to bold of a color in such a soft color palet that you have going on with the dress. Well anyway GO ALLIE!!! She looks adoreable!!!