Saturday, February 2, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday David!!!

This is the Birthday "Boy" David eating birthday lemon meringue pie.
(And staging his picture for me)

The girls talking after dinner.
The three Jobes brothers humoring me with a family photo.
And the nice waitress took our picture together
Scott and David not really paying attention to me any longer.

Yesterday was Scott's brothers birthday. We don't get together very often it seems and now that we are living closer we want to spend more time with one another. Scott was a later in life baby with his oldest brother being 15 years his senior. Raleigh and Betty Jo called today and asked us to join them at Click's to eat dinner. This is a great steak house (so we have been told!) in a little town called Pawnee. At first I did not think we would be able to go since Scott was out cutting trees and did not know when he would be home. As it would have it David and Jennett (the birhtday boy and wife) would be able to go today but it would be later in the evening. I told Raleigh that was good news for Scott and I had talked and felt we could make it after all. Funny how everything works out when it is suppose to. So we drove over (right at an hour for us) and sat down to enjoy a delicious ribeye dinner with the trimmings. Raleigh always seems to know the best places to eat and once again he was correct. The steak was wonderful tasting, very tender, and big. What more could you ask for? We enjoyed a great dinner, great conversation, great atmosphere, and had a GREAT time. Happy Birthday David, see you all again in a couple weeks for Scotts' birthday!

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