Saturday, February 2, 2008

The travelers return

Jill and Toby come home tomorrow...Sunday. Superbowl Sunday. yeahhhhhh, I can't wait. I've missed you guys!!!
While they have been out suntanning, sipping pepsi poolside, cornrolling their hair and playing with the dolphins, we have been here battling cold temps, blinding snow storms, early morning hours of making our way to school and back. Two days of no hot water, days without good food, hours of agonizing homework and chores around the house. Taking care of the laundry, dogs, house, yard, feeding the horses and milking the cows at three in the morning. Gathering eggs from the mean chickens and battling the rooster, we have slaved away for months waiting for them to return home. Tomorrow. Finally tomorrow, they shall return home to their humble abode greated by loving, gracious, children, grandchildren and ME. Ok, maybe it hasn't been that bad, and they were gone only a week, but we did miss them.

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Daily Muse said...

Two days of no hot water? Hmmm? Well, sounds like most went well. I knew I was leaving my precious baby boys in very good, capable hands. HA! Yes, we are back, AND I need a vacation after my VACATION! I can't wait until this weekend to rest & relax at home! I hope this is making some sense as I am so tired I can't even see what I am typing! HA! THANK YOU for taking care of the boys and everything else. I missed you too! I can't wait to show you all our pictures and tell you all about the cruise!