Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day Dinner

For Valentines Day I had decided I wanted to go to El Chico's for lunch. Funny, so did my parents. Well not really, they just knew I wanted to go and after I had been sick this week they were willing to let me have my way. I love tortilla soup from El Chico. ( I wanted to get a gallon to go (carry out) but I was afraid it would embarrass everyone if I asked.) That morning mom called and asked if I would mind if my niece and nephew came also. I was delighted!! I love being around my family. So my sister-n-law with her two kids and my parents, plus Scott and I met for lunch. And as you can see some "extras" came along too. That would be Blackie (the horse, a new Valentine's day Webkin) and Strawberry a Christmas puppy I think. Aren't they all so cute???? And very well behaved at lunch mind you. I have never seen such a well behaved bunch at lunch.

My parents enjoyed their meal, dad appears to be savoring more of the meal AFTER the meal!! Sorry dad!! Not the best picture of you, but it is the only picture of you I took!!! Oh and thank you dad for lunch. That was a very nice Valentine for us girls.
My niece is the cutest and funniest little girl. She is five (and a half!) and is a miss-priss. She loves dresses, she loves her babies, she loves school, she just loves everything and everyone!!
The T-Man cut his hand the night before while trying to cut an orange. So he had to demonstrate to me about his poor fingers. I did ask why he held the orange the way he did and he said "I don't know, won't do it that way next time." Smart kid!?? I also asked about the writing on his hand. I was giving him a hard time about it and he then informed me it was his Bible verse he memorized. OK, I left him alone after that.
T-Man is so good to help his sister out with the kids menu games. And what is really cute is she lets him help her. I think he is her hero. (well maybe today at this moment, but not the next moment!)
This is Blackie eating with us that day. She is wearing a baby doll outfit for it was cold outside and she needed to be dressed to go out to eat. She enjoyed her chips.
With chips you have to have a little salsa. Blackie seemed to enjoy that as well. Usually the chips are dipped in the salsa, but Blackie choose to just sip the salsa. It's a horse thing. And the taco on the plate was getting her attention as well.
The salsa proved to be a little much for Blackie. So she took a drink of soda. Not sure, but I think it was a Coke. That too seemed to agree quite well with her.
After the meal this little miss decided it was all well, "Oh-Lay" (that's the english spelling for the Spanish saying!!! I thought you might need a little interuptation there.)

It was a great dinner. The closest thing I got to having a Valentine. Not even a card from my husband. Boo Hoo for me. I will have to send myself some flowers.

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