Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back in School

Well I am back in school again. There must be something about being retired that makes people take classes. I think it is the fact that you have time to do some of those things now. So tonight I had my first photography class. I will leave judgement till later in the class. I am hoping that I actully learn something. Tonight, nothing.....I don't know any students names, nor what we are going to be learning. After having taught college classes myself, I guess I just expected more. Maybe I am a better teacher than I gave myself credit. I like that answer!!!! But I do feel he is a very nice guy, knows a lot (maybe too much!) and it should be a good class. He does all film and will not switch to digital, of course Iuse digital and will not switch back to film. He has done photography since about 1965, I was just FIVE years old. I am hoping that I learn how to use the camera more effective, take better shots, and have lots of fun. We are already taking field trips on Saturdays, one being riding the Am Track to Dallas. We will take photos of the stockyard and cowboys there. It should be a blast. It is a new setting for me....the student. I am so used to being in control, being the teacher, the leader. So this is different. I am not used to sitting back and letting someone else do all the talking. But I am learning there is a time to be quiet and I am ok with that. I am learning to be patient with others, to not be in control all the time and I will try to learn to have fun. I am out of my element, it is uncomfortable, being around people I do not know is hard for me. But I have my cousin and my sister-n-law there with me so that is good. Plus we ate Mexican food after class. Now that makes it all worth while.
Be watching for some new photos soon.....

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