Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Snake in The Grass

A Snake in The Grass
(Rated E for Everyone)
Why is it that people do not like snakes? Do you think it has anything to do with Satan in the Garden of Eden? I have read a story about a boy that was out walking one day when a snake asked the young lad to please help him. He said I must get to the rocky mountain area not far from here. It is further than I can travel in the time I need to get there. The boy fearful of snakes tell him no, he can not help him. But the snake does not give up and begs the boy to please have a heart and help the poor old snake. But you will bite me if I pick you up the boy explains and the snake once again begging for help promises he will not bite him. Just please take the time to help him to achieve his journey. The boy being a kind hearted, innocent child picks the snake up puts him in his coat pocket to stay warm and travels the journey to deliver the snake where he needed to go. The boy finally reaches the place where the snake wanted to go, takes the snake from his coat and goes to put him on the ground. All the sudden the snake strikes the boy and inflicts much pain and venom into the lad. The boy cries out in pain and disbelief as to how unthankful the snake was to bite him. The boy screams at the snake, "you promised not to bite me, now I am going to die" The snake has already started to slither away, looks back at the boy writhing on the ground in pain and tells him, "No matter what I promised you, when you picked me up you knew what I was". That story has a very powerful meaning to me as a police officer and as a DARE officer in the classroom with children. When we do things such as being tempted by drugs, it doesn't matter what the "dealer" tells us about the drug...ie, oh it will make you feel good, it will make you forget your problems, it won't hurt you, you can stop anytime you want. Well with all those promises I am here to tell you, you knew what it was when you picked it up. A drug is a drug is a drug. The pain and devestation is what follows with drugs. Even if you don't get arrested there are consequences for our actions. We know what it is when we pick it up.
But that is not what this post is about. Again one day I was out on patrol, I think this day was either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I get a call to assist a citizen in reference to a snake. I hate those calls. Just what in the world does this citizen expect me to do? I am NOT the snake whisperer. Heck, I don't even like the stupid things. I arrive at the location given, park my car in the street and approach the house. I walk up the drive way to be greeted by Mr. Citizen Q Public. How may I help you today sir was my greeting. Well, he started to explain that he saw a snake in his car. Oh really ??? Where exactly in your car is it? We walk to the front, to the hood of the car. Now this is starting to get weird. He slowly lifts the hood of the car and tells me it is in there pointing to the engine. Ok, now not only do I not like snakes, I AM NOT a mechanic. I don't know anything about car engines, how they work, where all their little compartmentsare or what these thing-a-majigs are. I am not even sure where the oil goes. (that is why I have a husband or wal-mart) So I just look at him with that what do you want me to do look. He says to me there is a big snake in there. To which I reply......Where? In there he tells me pointing to the engine. I don't see no stupid snake. I look around real quick and I can honestly tell you I DID NOT see a snake. But what I did see was that I walked up a drive way that was covered in what I call ground cover. That is an ivy like greenery grown here for decorations or to control water runoff, or to keep weeds out. For whatever reason this old man has grown this ivy ground cover all up his driveway. It is thick, and fairly tall. Oh I would say at least six inches tall, some spots more, some less. But very thick. There is no snake in the engine that I can see. Are you starting to get my point yet??? No snake that I can see in the car engine...if he is not in there then he must be OUT of there. If he is out of there he must be here....in the ivy....waiting for me. The story comes rushing back to my head as if the boy was right there speaking in my ear. You knew what I was when you picked me up. Sorry sir, I don't see any snake he must be gone. I quickly high stepped back to my car all the way down that long driveway. That driveway was a lot longer going back than I remembered when walking up it, my heart is racing that please Lord do not let me find that stupid snake. I get back to my car, slam my door and report to headquarters. I am 10-8 unable to locate any snake. I pulled away seeing the old man in my rear view mirror shutting the hood to car. I think I would donate that car and have it hauled away.

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