Monday, February 18, 2008

My New Bird Feeder

Decided to Feed the Birds

A couple weeks ago (maybe a month) we decided to start feeding the birds. We bought a cheap little feeder from Atwoods, figured the squirrels would chew it up anyway, and filled it with seeds. It has taken a little time but the birds are coming in to the feeder. We put suet out as well and they really do like that. I keep waiting for the "cool" birds to come in and maybe this spring they will. But I have noticed it is not all sparrows coming in.
This is three doves, which I normally have any where from 1/2 dozen to a dozen doves. Just feeding them for the hunters huh??? Oh well. Notice the other little bird feeding with them? Not sure what he is, a finch maybe? We have a lot of them whatever they are.

But this little guy is my favorite. He and his wife were out there feeding today but I could not get their picture. Later this afternoon he must have been still hungry for he came back without her. I got three pictures of him but he turned his head and it was not a good picture. So this is the best I got. Hey Cara, I see YOUR cardinal and raise you three doves. And I could have sworn I saw a blue that possible? (it was not a bluejay, I know what they look like.)


Eckmama said...

Oh-ho-ho, a challenge, is it? Alrighty then! I'll see your three doves and will raise the morning. When the birds come back and I can start taking pictures. ;)
This would be really fun if we had better birds at our house. But come May, I'll get to add hummingbirds. We have some that come back every year and fight over the food.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog.

I love to feed the birds. With your being in a different part of the country,I would have thought that you would have different species, but we have some of the same. I will post a photo of a couple of woodpeckers that were on my feeder on Sunday. Pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Hello! We have woodpeckers around these parts also. I bet you will have no problem raising the stakes on this one.

P.S. I just knew your blog would reference your "free labor" story. I hope it does keep you in the house...every time you get out you ended up spending money. Tee hee! Love ya, Jill