Monday, February 4, 2008

The Boob Squeeze

No Pictures Today
Today there will be no pictures. Not because I can't, but rather because I won't. Today I had my boobs squeezed. You know, I just don't understand the big fuss over a mammogram. I really don't. I hear so many jokes, see so many cartoons, and I guess I just don't get what all the fuss is about. OK, maybe size does matter!!!??? and mine don't have much size. So maybe that's the difference. Yeah, they put a little squeeze to it, but nothing to write home about....(just a blog where millions can read it!) I just don't get it. I was helping to cut tree limbs/little trees, down yesterday (recovering from ice storm damage) and I had a little tree kick back into my shin when it was cut down. Now that hurt. I have a bruise, my leg bled a little, I rubbed it and went back to work. It didn't kill me, just got my attention. That hurt a 100 times more than having my mammogram done. Embarrassing??? Well I am not normally a flasher. I have no Mardi Gras beads so I normally keep the girls covered. Both winter and summer. So yes that is a little uncomfortable. And having another woman grab the boob and move it here and there is not the most comfortable thing. But my leg hurt a lot worse. But the worse pain???? Is losing a friend to breast cancer. I have never felt pain like that before, and I don't want to ever again. So friends, go get a boob squeeze, I'm telling you, it just aint no big deal.


Eckmama said...

I'm with you. I've never had a mammogram, but I don't know what the big deal is either. And after breastfeeding 4 babies in all kinds of places, modesty and being 'handled' by a stranger isn't a big deal either, hahaha! I'm also at lower risk for breast cancer because of breastfeeding, did you know that?
I'm glad you got your boobs squeezed.

JulieR said...

Well I am glad you got you boobs squeezed. I had mine done just last month but as you know I have little modesty with having 5 boys and they all seem to want to visit when you are in the tub or shower. I had mine done for the reason of I just had a breast reduction and I am so very thankful for that, It has been a great relief.

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