Friday, February 1, 2008

Finally Friday!

No pictures today, I do have some, but I am not going to put them out there. I took some pictures of a lot (piece of land) in town that Scott and my dad are trimming the trees. We have a cousin that lives in Texas...Houston, and we are taking care of the trees that have been damaged by the ice storm for her. She can not be here to take care of things like that and she asked we look into it for her. So we are. The we part is I am the foreman ( I like supervisory jobs) and then dad, Mike (brother) and Scott are the laborers. I collect the check, correspond with the customer (ie, Gayle the cousin) and I will take care of the payroll when the job is done. Once it passes my inspection of course.
I am TIRED. Last night Callie decided she wanted to go outside twice. The first time she wanted to go pee pee. Ok, I understand that. I may have forgotten to let them out before bed, I don't remember. Then a couple hours later I hear this soft little scratch on the door. I ignore it. But then I fear what if I ignor it and then I find a poo mess the next morning....all because I was too lazy to get out of bed. And I know for sure she is scratching at my door for the light came on in the hall. It is not what you are thinking, she is not tall enough to reach the light switch, but we have a motion detector night light that comes on when you walk in the hallway. So being the good detective that I am/was, I noticed the light was on in the hall. Yelp, someone is there. I get out of bed. Might as well. We go to the door and she just looks at it and at me. She wants to play with me, she wants me to get up and be with her. I love her dearly, but this has got to stop. I wish Scott would just let her sleep with us. I would get more sleep that way. He might not, but I would. It is only about 3:30 and I have been to bed, and up twice in that time. Went to bed about 11:30. I am getting bad about staying up playing on the computer or watching tv. Not tonight....I am going to bed. I get to sleeep in. The boys do not have school tomorrow for it is finally Friday night in the big town so that means.....tomorrow is Saturday. We are sleeping it. Now I am informed that Scott needs to be at my dad's by 8:00 in the morning to get the log splitter. 8:00 o'clock? Who made that decision.... not me, and I am the foreman. I am sleeping in. You guys can get up whenever you want, just don't disturb me. I will come out to the job site about 1:00. Well maybe earlier if we are doing lunch together. Hummmm, will have to rethink that one. I am so tired now my eyes hurt, and I am still not over this cold thing. So I need some medicine and some good old fashion SLEEP. So this is a quick note to say good night (Linda) and hope all is well across this great nation. Hope you didn't get too much snow/sunlight depending on where you are. Tomorrow appears to be a beautiful start to a new weekend, and Jill comes home Sunday. Super bowl Sunday. Maybe she will bring her laundry here, watch the game and tell me all about her cruise. Might make for another good blog. Good night all.

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