Tuesday, February 12, 2008

YOU Hate Mondays????

So YOU Hate Mondays
Try MINE!!!!

First started out with this......
Then we need to add this picture....
What a lovely combination don't you think???
Might as well throw this in next.....
Then if you can read the script you will see I had to pull out the big guns.
I am not normally a big baby. I am not normally sick. I am normally around kids all the time and don't get sick. Very rarely do I catch the flu. But OH MY GOSH. I had to resort to pain pills. The nasuea pills didn't last long, threw them up. So by a little after noon I told Scott to call the doctor and get me something. Or take me to the hospital. I have never hurt so bad with the flu. I had to use my breathing skills I learned when pregnant with the kids. I just couldn't stay caught up. I am telling you, the cramps in the stomach were the most painful I have ever had. And I really think it was just the flu. At first I thought it might be my gall bladder acting up again, but not with all the other symptoms. So if you have missed me the last day I have spent it either in the girls powder room, or in bed. And actually I took pictures of my bathroom, not Scott's the one where I spent my time. Mine is prettier (and cleaner!)
side note: Both times that I have gotten sick is right after having the grandkids for the weekend. What's up with that??? Which came first the chicken or the egg???? So am I getting sick from the kids, or just sick when the kids leave, huuummmmmm?????

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Anonymous said...

AND you hung up on me tonight? Hmmm? Seriously, I am glad you are feeling better this weekend! Love you, Jill