Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Extra Shots

We were blessed with having the grandkids this weekend. I enjoy getting to see them when ever it works out. And when I have them for the weekend I remember why God wanted people to have babies when they are young (20's). I am worn out. Smooth out. Miss Allie Gator decided to not feel good this weekend and to give Grandma a run for her money. I love being around her no matter the mood, I just hope I am still doing things right. After nearly 24 years I am a little rusty. Do they/can they sleep on their back? Or is it their stomach? I can't remember what is the right thing to do now. Spit up, oh I have forgotten what that smells like and look likes. But now I remember!!!! But with all of that, little cat naps, and more crying than I have ever heard her do (she is not a crier), spit up and all, I loved holding her and feeding her and rocking her. She is such a little blessing. I appreciate the opportunity to have her even for just one minute. Makes life a little sweeter.

Isn't she just sooo cute??
I loved this pose. Not quite sure what she was telling me....Diva maybe?
Here is our little angel. But she had a little frown on her face..
I think her tummy was hurting this weekend.

Allie's first bonnet from Grandma. Got it on sale too.

Just thought it was cute.

She is just a sweet little girl.

And Caleb is such a good big brother.

Chris and Sarah are blessed with two wonderful little people.

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