Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boxers In Boxes

This is probably my all time favorite picture of the puppies. How can you not just love it. From the left on the bottom was Grady (famous Oklahoma Boxer named Sean O'Grady), then Lia (known as Dottie at that time!) Next is Maddie, Then we have Durga (I can't remember her birth name!) The next cutie is little Callie who was known as Sweet Pea . The top box holds Flynn for Arrow Flynn if any of you are old enough to know who Arrow Flynn is. But Flynn had the shape of an arrow on his neck, hence the name. And last but certainly not least is my little Rudy. The little runt guy that should have died three times, but was such a fighter. And he is now my boy. So handsome and loveable. He is the most precious thing. Callie is my little sweetie too. and to think Zoe gave me these most wonderful gifts. I love my babies, and to this day, three years later, I still call them puppies.

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SeaShore said...

That's an adorable picture! Boxers in boxes, so cute!

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