Monday, January 14, 2008

Thought you Might Like to See

I just went looking through my files of pictures and wanted to show Cathy to her girls. Not that they have not seen her, silly, but I don't know if they had these pictures of her actually riding a horse. Cathy was not big on riding horses. She had a sister or sister-n-law that had horses, but she just didn't become "one" with the horses. But just look at her, she is a natural.

I think Lloyd took these pictures, (not sure), but with my camera. It was not a good camera, but I am thankful that I have these pictures of Cathy. We had fun that day. As you can see a storm was coming in, so I am really surprised we were out there riding. But then again, who knows about us. We had fun. The speeds remained low, only a walk, but we weren't in a hurry, weren't running any race, just enjoying the friend time.

This is a great picture. Zoe, the momma girl there, had her babies by C-section on January 13th, 2005. Right there in our house, the vet came to us and we delivered babies. Seven beautful puppies. Cathy was wanting her girls, Cara and Kristin to get a boxer. She knew that our puppies would be great dogs, not show dogs great, but well socialized, well loved, and she was right. They came to Enid to look at the kids and we took pictures to send back to the girls.

The babies do not even have their eyes opened yet. Their little noses are still pink, have not turned black yet. Infact, they still have their long tails, these are sweet innocent little babies.

And yes, Lloyd rode the horse too. Notice he does not have his feet in the stirrups? His legs are long, very long and he didn't want me to have to mess with moving the stirrups around just for him to make a couple rounds in the arena. He is so handsome and such a good sport too. But I know he would rather have been fishing.

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