Monday, January 14, 2008

Broken Branches

Well as you know we went through an ice storm in December of '07. We have been busy but need to take time to work on the trees. There are so many that are broken near the tops but they need to be cut and removed. If not they will just pull down and tear the bark or hurt someone or damage the tree more. But they are really high up there. It seems where ever you look in this area (Tulsa) that the trees are just snapped like toothpicks. I wanted to get pictures of other places for you to see and someday that might happen. Maybe!

This opens the tree up for disease and the potential of harming someone if it should fall late on. But it just does not very pretty for the poor tree.
You can see the piles of brush we have in the backyard, this is one of about four, plus one we already burned. There is so much cleaning to do. And like I said, this is only the backyard.

This picture is awesome if you think about it. Can you see the tree that is bent over and trying so hard to right itself back up. We may have to pull it up slowly and stake it out. Isn't it amazing that is did not break. There is a song about the tree that bends but does not break...Isn't it sung by Tanya Tucker. Oh that would be country and western...most of you probably do not know who she is.

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